My Exciting Annoucement

I'm very excited to announce that this weekend I signed another three book deal with Entangled Publishing. My Awakening series will come out with Entangled's Covet line in 2013. That's right, people. Paranormal. Shifters to be exact. I can't wait to share Aidan's, Liam's, and Brit's story with you.

The idea for this series started about a year and a half ago. I love soul mate stories, especially paranormal ones. The whole bonding for eternity stuff really does it for me. Then I started thinking...hmm. Okay. So the hero has met his other half, they have bonded. Life's grand. But what happens when one mate dies and leaves the other here on Earth? 

That is what I explore in this series. The downside to bonding for eternity. Because that sort of love can't be all rainbows and puppies, right? There has to be a catch?

Well, yes there is.

And I can't wait to share with you what it is:)

Thanks for letting me share!