I need more of it. Who's with me?

In three more days, I'll get to add 18 hours back into my week. Right now those hours have been sucked dry by a group of rambunctious kids who like to run around the house like a bunch of crazed monkeys. In the last ten weeks, I've maybe gotten 18 hours total to write. Man, I love summer vacation. LOL.

But as of Monday, the kids are back in school and I regain Mon, Tues, and Wed mornings. My time. Six hours a day dedicated to writing. It's amazing how much I actually did get done in those six hours. Between the kids home all day and juggling my "day" job. (I actually work two nights and three mornings a week, lol), I've gotten so far behind.

The first couple of weeks of this regained time will be dedicated to catching up. I need to finish my current WIP. (Almost done, hoping that will be off my to-do this weekend) Rewrite a portion of my just contracted book. Write two proposals. A slew of paperwork. Start my next WIP in my paranormal series. And start research for the third book in my MMA series. All while continuing to do the whole social media thing.

Have I mentioned how much I detest Twitter? I do. Seriously. Detest. I don't get that program at all. I only use it because I have to. There is something about it that my brain can't click with. I've tried being friends with the program, but I sweat I think it hates me.

Anyway, who else is ready for school to star so they can get back to their routine? 

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Carly Carson said...

Waiting. Sept. 4. School starts later here than anywhere else, I think. Labor Day is sacrosanct. Since one of my kids hasn't been full-time in school since Feb. 10, it will be a big change for me.