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Yesterday's post was not only funny and entertaining, but it also brought back some great school memories. Unfortunately, it also brought back one I'd like to forget.

"People can't make money writing."

A teacher told me this once a long time ago, someone I respected so much I took her at her word and started looking at other careers. I found one, but eventually, once I went off to college, I discovered this was untrue. Even at that time when there were no cell phones and Internet access was limited to a paid service only nerdlings invested in so that they could access the best research resources while shutting down the local utility company, there were jobs in the field of "writing" that paid: advertising copy writer, journalist, fortune cookie fortune writer (yes, they hire freelancers to do that), greeting card writer, test passage writer, etc.

What my teacher was saying is that SHE couldn't make any money writing because she didn't know how. She didn't know enough about it except she'd tried to get published and failed. What she should have said was that it is really difficult to make money writing, but if you pick the right degree and enter certain career fields, you can make a living wage or at least a nice supplement to your regular employment.

This is why I'm thrilled with the World Wide Web as a writer and a reader. The vast amount of information available at least gives us--and young writers--the opportunity see that if you like to write, there are ways to turn that skill in to cash, if you so choose. I love the amount of resources and support floating around in cyberspace, especially the support of writer and reader friends on social networking sites. I get great advice on writing, wonderful book recommendations, and most of all, the support of people going through the same joys and turmoils I do. As a writer, I get to share my successes and failures, and as a reader, I get to talk about the great books I get to read, as well as the clunkers. lol

So what's your favorite writer/reader resource? Is it a book? A website? A person? Please share where you go to get book recommendations, writing advice, etc.

Happy Reading!


s7anna said...

I have several sources...publishers sites, blogs and other promo sites... ie. Savvy Readers, Fresh Fiction, Writerspace, Goodreads, Samhain, Ellora's Cave, Loose-Id and many more.

Cameo Brown said...

Thanks, s7anna! I find publishers especially, just by posting their guidelines, offer plenty of useful information.

Carly Carson said...

I would love to find a good site for reader recommendations. For writing, I like Romance Divas and Querytracker.net. I love the editorrent blog. hmmmm that's about it. Seems like I should have more. lol