My First Romantic Times Convention

Last week I attended my very first Romantic Times Convention. I'd heard so much about this convention from my author friends that I couldn't wait to get there and experience it for myself. I just have to say that I wasn't disappointed.

My trip started off with a 6 hour drive from Chicago to Columbus, Ohio. The one thought that comes to mind about that is thank goodness for satellite radio! The music kept me sane while I jogged for position around more semi trucks than I'd ever seen in my life. But, I finally made it to the hotel (in one piece!) to find my roommates, Samantha Kane and Mari Freeman, already checked in. After a round of hugs, we were all dolling up to head out to dinner with our editors from Ellora's Cave.

I'm not going to lie, after dinner and heading to bead early Tuesday night, followed by a yummy brunch Wednesday morning, the rest of the trip flew by in a blur. Meeting authors, readers, editors, publishers... Lunches here, workshops there. Spotlights, ice cream socials, handshakes with Mr. Romance contestants (what a hardship that was!). Book expos, book signings, passing JR Ward by the elevators. Mint Juleps while sitting in the bar watching the Kentucky Derby, eating mini cheeseburgers and kibitzing with MA Ellis every night at midnight. EC's awesome Paint the Town Red party, the Fairy Ball, and the great skit during the Vampire Ball. Meeting author LB Gregg, who I now call a friend, and rooming with the 2 best girls EVAH! All this is just a quick run-down of everything that happened.

At Ellora's Cave's Paint the Town Red Party

Yummy EC Caveman!

Mari Freeman, LB Gregg, Samantha Kane, and Me at the EC Party.

Saturday's Book Signing (pictured with LB Gregg's coffee and phone!)

Go Seabiscuit!
Mari Freeman, Samantha Kane, MA Ellis, and me.

Samantha took this picture of me while we were helping set up for EC's party.
It's one of the few I've ever had taken of me that I actually like!

All in all, the trip was wonderful. Highly recommended to any author, aspiring or otherwise, as well as any reader of romance. If you've never been, I encourage you to go. For everyone else, see you next year in LA!


s7anna said...

You looked AWESOME! I love the dress and you look fierce in it! Thanks for posted the great pics and I'm so happy for looked like you had a blast.


Nicole North said...

Fantastic pics! Looks like you had a wonderful time!