A Little of This, A Little of That...

I've had a roller coaster week since my post last Friday about all the RT fun I had. There were ups, downs, even a twist or two.

The weekend started with a big blech: Cleaning out the basement. This is one job I hate during any normal time, but this go-round was different. I know I've mentioned before about my mom being ill and not doing so great. Yep, you guessed it. I had to go through all her stuff. Amazing how an entire lifetime can be reduced to a few boxes. Then came Mother's Day on Sunday. Don't get me wrong, I had a great day with my three amazing kids, but the fact that my mom couldn't be there made the whole day seem a little off.

Anywayyyyy... Enough with the downers. Let's get to the highs!

I've been riding a wave of giddiness since the May 1st release of Safe Surrender! Can I just say again how much I loved writing this book? I love cop stories, menage stories, and emotional stories, and this rolls all three into one! Check it out here.

On Monday, official word came through from my editor, so... Keep an eye out for Sex, Lies, and Rock & Roll! This new book is a paperback compilation of my three e-novellas with Ellora's Cave. I'm so excited! Lily's War, Chasing Eden and Unscripted will be rolled into one book, available some time in 2010. My entire family has been doing the happy-dance all week, not only for the book itself, but also because coming up with a new title for it turned out to be a fun (and quite frankly a pretty funny) dinnertime discussion last week (I've gotten a lot of raised eyebrows when I tell people that. And for the record, yes my kids know what I write. At ages 21, 18, and 16, I think they can handle it :-). Sex, Lies, and Rock & Roll was suggested by my oldest (based on the blurbs -- my kids may know what I write, but they've never read any of it!), and I think the new title embodies all three stories perfectly!

I'm hoping to keep the upward momentum going this weekend -- It's my 23rd wedding anniversary! Hubby and I were married on a gorgeous, sunny day way back in 1987. Man oh man, how time flies. We're celebrating with a visit to Chicago and play tickets. How fun will that be?

See you next week!




Bekki Lynn said...

Congratulations! Love the title!

Have a fun time in Chicago - the weather promises to be wonderful.

Shame I have to work or I'd come up and say hello! Yeah, like I'd really disrupt couples time. ;)

Tibby Armstrong said...

I can't wait to hold the book in my hands! These three great stories deserve to be in print!

Lisa F. said...

Congratulations on your print and on your anniversary.

We will also celebrate our 23rd in May, and our boys are 20, 17, and 13.

Have a great weekend!

Kristin Daniels said...

Thanks, Bekki! And hey, I'm only about 40 minutes outside Chicago. We should make a plan to meet up sometime!

Thanks, AM! I can't wait either!

Lisa, Thank you, and Happy Anniversary to you, as well!

Nicole North said...

Congratulations on your book and your anniversary!!