Spring -- Time for Writing and Rejuvenation

After a snowy winter, I welcomed spring’s arrival with open arms. Spring—a season of growth and rejuvenation. So many beautiful possibilities available for decorating the terraced areas and patio of my new home. Wind chimes. Hanging baskets bursting with fragrant and colorful blooms. Shepherd’s hooks from which I’ll dangle glass and copper ornaments and lanterns. Festive flags that will wave in wind. Also, this past week I’ve been pondering what to plant. Herbs are definitely on the list. Putting my personal spins on some family recipes has found me singing over stew pots and whistling almost as loud as a tempestuous tea kettle. As much as I delight in spicing up the romances I write, I’m fond of making dishes that put smiles on the faces of friends and loved ones who dine at my table.

Spring spurs gardeners to put on their gloves and pull out their spades, shovels and tillers, and this season also sparks my creativity. I’m working on two stories, both of which I hope are ready for submission to my editor within a month. One is a contemporary erotic romantic suspense, the other a contemporary erotic romance set in one of my favorite cities—Manhattan.
There’s something about the approach of the vernal equinox that launched my flights of fantasy and found me sitting at the writing desk for longer periods than usual of late. Time passed quickly as I typed those rough draft chapters and became immersed in the worlds in which my characters dwelled. More than once I’ve burned a bit of midnight oil, either plotting or writing. I’ve even begun writing a historical erotic romance set during the Civil War. The research is proving exciting, and the fact my significant other shares my passion for this time period makes the whole project one from the heart.

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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Nicole North said...

Great post! I love spring and I'm ready for it. Also I look forward to growing some new things this year. Way to go on your new stories!

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Nicole!

Spring has definitely energized me creatively :) Thanks for the positive vibes on my new stories. I'll keep you posted on how everything's going in the writing process.

Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Friends always,


Carol Ericson said...

Shawna, I'm so happy spring is here because it leads to...summer!

ShawnaMoore said...

Carol, I really like the way you think :)

Hope you and yours have a wonderful spring!

Best wishes always,