Are you getting LOST?

For the past few years I’ve been a Lost fan and finally my husband decided he wanted to get in on the addiction. So we bought all 5 seasons on DVD and have been watching the 100+ hours of drama, action, adventure, paranormal, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, and romance over the past couple of months.

What’s so great about Lost? Why all the fanatics? When it began it was one of the most unique and original TV series ever created. But clearly there are a few copycats now who are trying to jump on the weirdness, screwed-up-time, paranormal bandwagon. I haven’t watched them so can’t comment.

The first, second and third seasons of Lost feature some of the most awesome storytelling, characters and plots ever created for TV in my opinion. We get to know the characters through what they’re doing on the island where their plane crashed, and via interesting, pertinent flashbacks of what happened in their past to shape them into the people they are. There is a large cast of well-rounded, well-developed characters that you can’t help but love and pull for.

In season four, things get shaken up because we don’t get flashbacks anymore. We get flash-forwards along with present day (for them) goings on, specifically how 6 of the characters get off the island and back to the real world for 3 years.

In season five, we find out how the people still on the island all travel back in time to the 1970s. Seriously, that part is believable. And the 6 people who left, return to the island and also travel back in time. Well, it isn’t just the 70s. They also visit the 1950s and various other time periods briefly. Since I love writing time-travel, I enjoyed these parts.

The truth is Lost gets weirder and weirder as the seasons progress. And season 6, the final season, is without doubt the most bizarre of all. We don’t get flashbacks nor flash-forwards anymore. We get flash-sideways. Though I’m not sure (I’m never sure of anything on Lost) I’m assuming the flashes are an alternate reality of what would’ve/ will happen if there is no plane crash. Okay, I’ll buy it. But there are other things that make me wonder--what the heck were they thinking?

Granted, the smoke monster was a part of season one (not my favorite part, by the way, because I never found it believable.) But now the smoke monster is front and center. Hmm. What IS the smoke monster anyway? We'll get to find out soon.

Part of the fun of watching Lost is figuring out what is going on, like a puzzle. And then you’re like… aha! So hopefully season 6 won’t disappoint, even though at the moment I’m slightly confused. Of course several of seasons are confusing as you’re first watching them.

The creators of Lost play with time, and viewers have to figure out, not “where are we,” but “when are we?” At times they’ll give clues on screen, 8 days ago or 30 years later. At other times they don’t give those and you have to use clues of the characters and their surroundings to figure out when they are in time, 2004, 2007, 1977? And because the characters are so likable and sympathetic, despite the bad or less than admirable things they’ve done, I’m always pulling for them.

What about you? Are you a Lost fan? What do you love about it? What do you think of season 6 and what if anything do you find unbelievable?

For those of you who have never watched Lost, here is the beginning of season 1, episode 1 so you can get in on the addiction. :)


Carly Carson said...

It sounds interesting. But I don't want to get addicted. I tried to turn on the tv last week when no one was home. Couldn't do it. I was kind of annoyed but dh bought a new tv last fall and I realized I'd never tried to turn it on. In my defense, there was a cable problem, but there went my attempt to watch tv. lol

Carol Ericson said...

Nicole, I had never watched Lost but kept hearing how great it was. I knew this was going to be the last season so over the holidays in Dec., I started watching it from season 1 on Hulu. Well, I watched all five seasons before the last season started to get caught up! I love it! I like all the little clues sprinkled around. Of course, I recognized John Locke as a philosopher, but then I started noticing Rousseau, Desmond (David) Hume, Anthony Cooper, Edmund Burke (Juliet's ex-husband), etc. Cool! The hot men on the show are great eye candy too - Jack, Sawyer, Sayid, Desmond, Jin. I love the humor and touching moments (best was when Desmond calls Penny on Christmas Eve and when Charlie has all those flashbacks to his "greatest hits" and when Hurley, Sawyer and Charlie work on that van and get it started). And the acting is great - I love the actor who plays Ben Linus - he's so good. Richard's episode last week went a long way to explaining things. I'm anxious to see how they merge the two timelines.

Nicola McKenna said...

I am a total diehard fan, and have been watching every episode since day one (the waiting is hard). I thought that most of my questions would be answered by now, but it is 'Lost' so I am still blissfully at sea. You know what, I think I will die not knowing the answers to all my questions. I mean we're in the last season now, can they really sew up all the questions in the short time left? Every week when an episode ends and I'm left hanging, I say 'those writers really are masochists'. And as for us fans, I guess we're suckers!
I really thought that Daniel the Physicist would have all the answers, until his evil mum got in on the action.
How well the lovely Matthew Fox is ageing though huh? Those L'Oreal products are working a treat Matt! He's looking hotter than ever (and is a whole other world - literally - from his 'Party of Five' days). But as Carol says above, there's so much eye candy on the show, it is hard to pick one... Must get that box set you mentioned and have me a Lost marathon!

Unknown said...

I'm completely addicted to LOST. I love the flash backs, flash forwards, flash sideways, and all the clues sprinkled throughout. The characters on the show are so well developed and interesting. Even in the middle of all the crazy confusion, it's the people who most stand out. There have been many touching and heartbreaking moments between the characters, like when Walt is taken by the Others, Desmond reunites with Penny, and Sawyer jumps from the helicopter. It's the relationships between all the characters that keeps me watching week after week. I can't wait for Sun and Jin to see each other again! And Sawyer and Kate just have to end up together or I'll scream!

Of course, I also watch the show for all of the drool-worthy man candy. I love when Sayid slicks back his wet hair and Sawyer smiles.

I feel sad that the show is almost over, but I look forward to finding out how it's going to end.

Anita Clenney said...

I'm not a Lost fan, I'm a fanatic! I absolutely love the show. Like your husband, I didn't start watching until recently. My friend loaned me seasons one through four. I watched them in less than TWO WEEKS. THEN I downloaded season five and watched it in one sitting. Was I ever cramped when I got up from the computer. Now,I'm on season six and it's just bizarre, but in a wonderful way.

I love the characters. The plot just makes me green with envy. In my Modern Day Highland Warrior series I use a lot of twists and turns, so with LOST, I not only enjoy the show, but I'm looking at it with the sense of watching a master at work. It really inspires me.

Now my husband is getting frustrated with it. he loved it before, but thinks the shocks are almost getting predictable. I'm still hooked. I love a good plot twist. I can't wait to see how they wrap this up!

Definitely my all time favorite show.

Nicole North said...

Carly, LOL! My husband didn't want to get addicted either. I think someone at his work convinced him. As for turning on the TV, you should give it another shot. :) Of course you'll get a lot more done if you don't.

Chicks of Characterization said...

Nicole you and I have discussed my obsession with LOST before! I am loving the flash sideways, and I love getting to know WHO these characters would have been. And boy wasn't I surprised that Sawyer would end up as a policeman! What a curve ball that was! I mean really, how cool! And Richard? I have to admit the jury is still out on him, is he evil or is he good? Should the survivors trust him? And Jacob- is he GOD or the Devil- who and what is he??????? AND yes, the eye candy is first rate! Nothing better than a man all sweaty and in jeans and a T-shirt! YUMMYU!!!!

I sooooooo don't want to see the season end, but like they say- ALL good things must come to an end! So lets hope this season comes to an explosive end that keeps us all saying "WOW' for years to come! I would hate for the ending to be weak and everyone saying, 'What just happened?'

:o) Andrea

Nicole North said...

Carol, It's great to know there are several Lost fans around now! For a while, no one I knew watched it. You've mentioned some of my favorite things about the show. There are so many touching moments and fun moments. And I love all the characters. I think we may have to watch it all over again next year. LOL

Nicole North said...

Nicola, I like the way you said blissfully at sea. :) Because that's really the way it is. Somehow they make it fun to be confused and mystified about what's really going on. As for the questions, it seems they create more and more questions as they go along because things keep getting more bizarre. I wish I could write like they do with so many cliffhangers, twists and turns. Yes, the eye candy is fantastic! And the box set is neat!

Nicole North said...

Jena, I'm glad you're addicted too. :) The clues are so much fun and so are all the character connections, like how one of the main character's (like Kate) mom or dad met one of the other main characters in the past. I agree the characters and their relationships are the main draw for me. Kate and Sawyer simply MUST end up together! :) They're my favorite.

Nicole North said...

Anita, nice to meet a fanatic! I think I might be one too. LOL Watching them quickly is the best way to do it. I know what you mean. I'm envious of the fabulous plotting and the show has also inspired me. I originally started watching it because an author or writing teacher recommended it as having the best characterization ever. I had to see for myself if this was true. Sure is! :) What wonderful flaws they have.

Nicole North said...

Andrea, Yes, I knew you were a fan and was hoping to hear from you. Funny thing was I always thought Sawyer (or the actor who plays him) would make a great undercover cop character but I never imagined they'd actually make him one. So I love that part and love where he runs into Kate in full criminal mode. LOL fun! Can't wait to see what happens with that. I have no clue about Jacob and the smoke monster/ Locke guy. I can't tell who's good and evil because they keep twisting it. I hope the ending is really phenomenal too.

Natasha Moore said...

I have to admit I've never watched Lost. I didn't want to get addicted to another show I'd have to watch every week. But now...I think you've convinced me to give it a try. :)

Nicole North said...

Great, Natasha! I think you will enjoy it. And it's much more fun to watch many episodes back to back than have to wait for it every week. Or worse, to have to wait 6 - 8 months between seasons. The DVDs are reasonable at Amazon or I think you may be able to watch all the seasons at ABC. com for free. Not sure. You'll have to let me know what you think of it.

Teresa Reasor said...

I haven't watched Lost, but I have to say watching some of the chemistery between Kate and Sawyer in the clips for your class, I wish I had. Maybe I can invest in a season or two and watch them. And watch the last episodes.

Write on,
Teresa R.

Nicole North said...

Hi Teresa,
I just checked and you can watch all the full episodes online. This is the first episode.

On the right, below the viewing screen you'll see all 6 seasons listed. The episodes are in order below that and you can scroll through. 6 pages of 4 episodes in order for season 1. They're not numbered. Each episode has a title.

I forgot to mention before, Lost probably needs to be watched in order for it to make sense (I'm guessing.) I didn't watch it out of order but others have told me it's easy to not understand what's going on if you skip an episode. Hope you enjoy!