Young Love

As promised, the conclusion of last week’s story blurb follows.

The young couple involved in the spilled soda saga had their happy ending. After helping the hero sop up the beverage and stray ice cubes, the heroine and he headed out to her 1979 Mustang. She shared her chocolate shake and straw with the high-school heartthrob. But she found his kiss tasted far better than any frozen drink. They pulled out of the parking lot, headed to the local park and made plans for that Saturday night. Not only did they have a fantastic time on their date night—and he gifted her with roses and a sky-written message—but they also learned the heroine’s moment of clumsiness saved the hero’s life. If he’d caved in to his appetite, remained at the restaurant, gone back to the fast-food counter and placed a burger-and-fries order, he would have been killed. But because his young masculine pride was a bit wounded over the drink mess—and his mind reeling over the fact the heroine wore her skirt a bit shorter than usual—he wasn’t in the mood to remain in that place a moment longer.

Since posting this bit I’m considering writing a young-adult romance and will use the comic and dramatic moments in my story. With that said, I’ll keep you guessing as to the incident that might have robbed the story of a hero had the milkshake-sharing heroine not saved the day and his life.

Speaking of young love, my all-time favorite tale of young love (and loss) is Shakespeare’s classic, ROMEO AND JULIET. Despite the sad-yet-still-romantic ending, each time I read this literary masterpiece, I find another reason to keep it among my favorites on the bookshelf. What a tragic hero who lost his heart and life for love—but at least he didn’t dash out and woo the first comely maiden who crossed his path once Juliet succumbed. This eternal dedication to his ladylove is one of the reasons I love re-reading R&J.

What is your favorite young-adult-romance story, readers?

Wishing you many happy reading moments,

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