Sexy, Sensual Settings

When people imagine the perfect place for a hot, delicious love scene in a story, they generally visualize a beautiful bedroom with French doors, an incredible view, and a Jacuzzi tub close by. Perhaps the bed is four-poster with gauzy mosquito netting to create a dreamy cocoon. Candlelight glows in the background to give a hint of seductive light, just enough for one person to gaze into the other's eyes or appreciate their physical attributes.

While this is definitely a sensual setting, it is only one (and perhaps the most obvious) of hundreds. What makes a setting sexy is what the author brings to it, how the author presents it. Almost any place is good for a love scene. Since so many love scenes have been written, and readers have read thousands of them, you might want to set some of yours in unique and unusual places.

The only limit is your imagination. Interesting settings include a beach, a garden, a cave, the top of a building, a closet, a bathroom, a store, a dressing room, a tent, a field, a mountaintop, a car, stairs, an elevator, etc. Placing a sex scene in an unusual setting requires more thought and “choreography” on the part of the writer but sometimes you can create such a unique and personalized scene this way, it becomes far more memorable to the reader.

What is your favorite place (or the most unusual) for a love scene? This can be a love scene you've written or read.
I'll cover sexy settings and how to set love scenes in unusual places in my upcoming workshop.

Sept 1 - 30: Writing Hot, Delicious Love Scenes
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Anonymous said...

i say the sink scene in fatal attraction was strange,
back of a motorcycle is hot
public place is hot
on the freeway

Nicole North said...

Those are interesting places for love scenes!! Thanks for sharing!