Box? What Box?

Writers are readers at heart. We simply love every aspect of the creative process, from bringing ideas from our brains and putting them on paper or other storage media to becoming lost in the wonderful fictional worlds of our favorite authors. I can’t remember a time in my life when someone wasn’t telling me or reading me a fairy tale story. During my earliest years and throughout my childhood, Mom or Dad sat beside my bed or rocked me to sleep while turning the pages of a Little Golden Book. After weekly visits to our local library, Mom and I returned home with several books each. On my seventh birthday, my parents presented me with a beautiful bookcase. A bookcase whose shelves I quickly filled with books I still cherish.

Much as is the case with our reading habits, we authors have our favorite genres and sub-genres when it comes to our writing. My first reading love has always been historical romance. From the sweetest to the tamest tales of days gone by, I delight in those moments of fantasy reading escape. And although I’ve enjoyed writing in more than one sub-genre, recently I stepped outside the proverbial writing box and plotted a new erotica romance that marries the medical with the paranormal. Talk about an exhilarating time. While working on something totally unrelated to writing, an idea sparked inside my skull and that notion soon became a bonfire of an inciting incident, turning points, sexual tension, playful moments, the black moment and even some brief character sketches. Those fantastic visions were streaming past, and I didn't want to miss an opportunity of catching every single one of them. In less than an hour I’d accomplished something comparable to the wedding rehearsal. Once I get my heroine’s and hero’s romance onto the computer screen, the medical-paranormal ceremony will unfold. As it unfolds so will the panels of the writing box. Barriers will vanish. A wide-open creative space will be mine for exploring, more than ever before. I’ve always relished visiting new places and meeting new people. Soon my writing odyssey will begin. Like most journeys, there will be turbulence, rough seas and potholes, but I won’t let those creativity busters get in the way of a romantic story I can’t wait to share with readers.

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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