Olympic Musings

The Olympics have been great this summer—the surprising bronze medal for the men’s gymnastics team; Kerry and Missy May kicking butt in beach volleyball; the fast as lightning Jamaican runners; the inspirational Dara Torres winning silver at 41 years of age and the 38-year old Romanian woman taking the gold in the marathon. And, of course, there’s Michael Phelps, but I have to confess I long for the days of Mark Spitz.

Every time Phelps swam in a race, the announcers mentioned Mark Spitz so my boys asked me who he was. I told them about Spitz winning seven gold medals for swimming in the Munich Olympics—and he did so with longish hair, a moustache, and best of all...a Speedo.

OK, call me shallow, but the men’s swimming events just aren’t the same without those Speedos showcasing those gorgeous swimmer bodies. I don’t like those long, aerodynamic suits the swimmers wear now, even though they’ve been responsible for the swimmers streaking through the water at even faster speeds. Although Phelps wears only the bottom portion, it still isn’t the same. I just can’t envision Phelps adorning a poster in his long jammers with his eight gold medals around his neck.

I remember fondly that poster of Mark Spitz in his Speedo with his seven gold medals hanging from his neck. It was one of the first times, really, that women (and girls like me) had the opportunity to ogle a good-looking, sexy man. Now, of course, all we have to do is pick up a romance novel to enjoy a picture of a sexy hunk!

The swimming events are over now, but we still have men’s diving...and they still wear Sppedos.


Anonymous said...

I like the speedos, but I like the full body suit too. I think it gives something to the imagination and is flattering. But then how can it not be, they all look good all the time.

Jill James said...

Speedos are great for an in shape guy, and the swimmers are definitely in shape. Oh my!!!!