Will the Move Ever Be Done??

An Update!!! Don't Cry Wolf is scheduled for release March 1, 2009!

I'm in the middle of a nightmare move, so satellite's hooked up at my mother's house, but my network card isn't working. So what's new? I'm using her computer at my house, but nothing much works on it--no Word, so can't write, can't upload lessons to my students...argh. And she doesn't have a cordless mouse. I didn't remember how annoying/cumbersome the corded ones were!

But these covers are the bright spot in my week--What do you think?

Also, I'm shipping autographed copies of The Vampire...In My Dreams so if anyone is interested, email me at tspear@flash.net. Paypal and postal money orders/checks accepted. :)

Also, last chance to sign up for Happy Hookers if you need an online workshop that teaches about engaging the readers from start to finish! Starts Sep 1. http://www.terryspear.com/id14.html

Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf, The Vampire...In My Dreams


Vonda Sinclair said...

I love the new covers Terry!! Best of luck with the move!!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks, Vonda! I think I've lost more than I've found!