Shannon Robinson shares her hot Goin' Down story

Today we have Shannon Robinson visiting with us. Yay!!

Shannon Robinson is a newcomer to the published romance author’s world, though hopes to become a veteran before too long. When she’s not plugging away at her day-job, enjoying life with her two beautiful children and wonderful husband, you’ll find her curled up with her laptop, creating new worlds for readers to enjoy, or indulging in a new book of her own to enjoy.

Shannon is a lover of the outdoors, fan of scrapbooks, and baking – even though she’s not very good at it. Her favorite pastime is, of course, her writing. Her stories range from sweet to sensual to a bit naughty, as she loves to explore all aspects of romance.

Nicole: Welcome, Shannon! Thanks for being with us today! Please tell us about Fired or Fired Up in Goin' Down Book 1.

Shannon: Thanks again for having me on Fierce Romance, Nicole. Here's the blurb:
What happens when a shy secretary decides to prove to the arrogant hunk of a boss who just fired her that she's more than what he thinks?

One heated encounter in an elevator, of course!

Chirene Matthey is tired of being a secretary. Making coffee and hearing complaints from her boss, Jacob Kennedy, is getting on her nerves. So when Jacob offers her a chance to show that she's able to do more than just filing, Chirene jumps at the opportunity. When the assignment goes south, Jacob unexpectedly fires her, and Chirene decides that it's time he learned exactly how she feels about his pompous attitude.

When her complaints begin to rouse Jacob's desires, Chirene decides to indulge in the pleasures she's only fantasized about before and take advantage of the new opportunity her ex-boss offers.

Nicole: Wow, that sounds HOT!!! I understand these anthologies came about in an interesting way. Can you tell us about that?

Shannon: Absolutely! It all began with the members of the Erotic Romance Workshop yahoo group. One of the ladies emailed a phrase about "going down in elevators" and the owner / moderator of the group, Marie A. Roy (aka Collette Thomas), asked if anyone would be interested in creating stories for an anthology sharing that theme. I gave it some thought and decided ‘what the heck’. So after a couple of months, we all had our stories ready to go and Marie submitted the idea to Aspen. Less than a week later, we had an email back from them saying they wanted the stories!

Nicole: That was fast! I think a lot of people are drawn to hot elevator stories. What is your story behind the story? Or how did this idea come to you?

Shannon: When the theme was decided, I began thinking about the likely places where an elevator would be located. Of course, an office atmostphere came to mind. As I'm sure many others may admit to - or may not :) - a fantasy I've heard about is being with one's boss. Well, I brought the two scenarios together and out came Fired Or Fired Up.

Nicole: Very cool! Who is your favorite character in the story?

Shannon: As this is a short story, it's written in the heroine's POV alone. Even so, Chirene is my favorite character. She's like a shy mouse in the beginning, hiding her true self, afraid to let her potential really show. Then she changes - realizes she has to take what she wants and decides to prove that she's more than what people assume her to be. She discovers her independence and grasps it with both hands. I admire those who take control of their lives, even if it takes them a while to do so.

Nicole: She does sound very admirable. Did this story present any difficult challenges and if so what were they?

Shannon: One area I struggled with at first was writing the **Ahem** (sex) scene. Yeah, I'm blushing. This was my first attempt at writing erotica, so it was different. But once I took a few workshops on it and began to lift the curtain to let my characters enjoy themselves - LOL!! Sorry I can't help it! - the writing really flew!

Nicole: Sounds like fun! Would you like to ask blog readers a question?

Shannon: I always like to hear what readers look for in a story – is it the hunky hero, the independent heroines, or does the setting really make you turn the page? I’d love to hear what it is about your favorite stories that make you come back for more.

Nicole: Thanks again for being with us today, Shannon! It's been fun!

Shannon invites everyone to visit her website to read more about her, new books coming soon, and other projects she’s working on.

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Pat McDermott said...

Hey Shannon. You may be a newcomer now, but with stories this great, you'll be an old pro soon! Your elevator story sounds like the genre has come a long way since Dick Van Dyke and a very pregnant Mary Tyler Moore got trapped in the elevator with a thief :-) Good luck with sales! As for your question, the setting does it for me. If a writer knows and describes his/her characters well, the setting gets them to respond to it. Great interview, Nicole!

Anonymous said...

Shannon did a great job on her first erotic story. Chirene extracts the best sort of revenge from her boss...being able to have a terrific round of sex and then being able to walk away with Jacob wishing for more.

And he deserves it because he wasn't much of a mentor boss for her.

More power to women in unequal roles!

Great job Shannon!

Barbie Jo Mahoney said...

sounds like a great story and quite smokin' hot for an elevator!! I'm sure this will be the first of many shannon!!

great interview

Shannon Robinson said...

Thanks ladies!! I really appreciate your comments!

Lucynda - you totally hit on what I wanted readers to see Chirene as in that story! Perfect!! I'm so glad you liked it too.

Thanks again to Nicole for having me on Fierce Romance. And thank you ladies for visiting!

Jane Leopold Quinn said...

Hi Shannon. As Shannon knows, my story is in Goin' Down Two. We had a ball writing our elevator stories and made good friends in the process.

As for what touches me in a story, it's the emotion. A little kernel of a vulnerability or tenderness, and I'm hooked. Especially with the "emotionally wounded hero."

Good luck in your writing career, Shannon. You have another one coming out at Aspen Mountain soon.


Liz Falkner said...

Great interview, Shannon! Your heroine, Chirene, sounds just like the type of go-getter required to bring Jacob to his knees!


Holly Greenfield said...

great ineterview, Shannon!

Kari Lee Townsend said...

Awesome interview, Shannon!! I can't wait to read that story. Sounds smokin' hot!!