Smoo Cave in Durness, Scotland

Smoo Cave is on the edge of Durness on the north coast of Scotland. The cave is 200 feet x 150 feet x 50 feet high at the entrance and contains 3 sections. Inside the second section is a very dramatic and noisy waterfall, the Allt Smoo River, pouring through the cave. Standing inside this smaller part of the cave right next to the waterfall, you have to shout to be heard when talking. Sometimes boat trips are available that go back through the cave to the third section but when we were there, the river was flowing too much for a full tour of the cave. The waterfall is 80 feet high.

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View of the cave from outside.
 The cave is said to have served as a smugglers hideaway hundreds of years ago and also that illegal whisky was distilled in the deepest part of the cave. One story says after 1745 government revenuers were sent in to stop the illegal distilling of whisky and arrest those responsible. They hired Donald MacKay who lived nearby to take them into the deepest part of the cave so they might find the stills. The river happened to be in high flood at the time and MacKay is said to have steered the boat into the waterfall so it would capsize. He was a strong swimmer and swam to safety. The revenuers were not so lucky and one of their bodies was never found. It is said he still haunts this part of the cave.
View of the inlet or Geodha from the front of Smoo Cave. It appears this was at low tide.
The Caves were also used often during the Norse Era and the name Smoo is probably of Norse origin, from the word Smugh which means rift, cleft or cave. Boats were repaired here throughout history. The Geodha provided a natural protected harbor.
In 1992, a midden--a domestic prehistoric refuse heap--was discovered and excavated at the entrance to the cave (above). It contained many discarded shells. Early inhabitants of the cave had eaten a lot of shellfish. The top of the midden was dated to the Iron Age and the deeper layers were much older, dating back to the Mesolithic Era. They believe these people were the earliest human inhabitants of the Highlands.
View from above the cave, looking down the Geodha. It is believed that more of the gorge was covered over long ago and was part of the cave, but it gradually collapsed over time.
A long set of steps leads down to the cave.

Wildlife is abundant here, especially birds.
Ruins of a block hut built by an 18th century Orkney merchant. He used the cave as a store and built Smoo Lodge.

Wildflowers at the base of the ruin.

Another view looking down over the inlet and entrance to the cave. You must cross this small footbidge to access the entrance.
Thank you for visiting Smoo Cave with me!!

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Beautiful photos as always, Vonda! Interesting caves and I can see how they'd be of service. Distillery indeed! LOL.

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Love all the great photos!

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So very interesting, Vonda. Your photos are wonderful for getting a good feeling of the area and history. Thank you!

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