Dunollie: The 1745 House Part 2

Looking back down the pathway leading up to the 1745 House and Dunollie Castle. The cute little building is where we bought tickets.
For the past three weeks I've covered Dunollie Castle Part 1, Dunollie Castle Part 2, and the 1745 House. Today I want to show more items and history from the house about the MacDougall Family.

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1. A 'cam' used for rendering down mutton fat for lighting. It means 'bent' in Gaelic. 18th century.
2. Cruisie lamp for burning tallow or fish oil. Used in Dunollie Castle and The 1745 House. 18th century.

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John MacDougall

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Hat box, brass plaque on exterior engraved Capt.n J MacDougall R. Navy
Swords in scabbards, mid 19th century

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 A few of the historic items on display. A Naval cocked hat, beaver pelt, mid 18th century.

17. KCMG Medal for Knight Commander c 1830
18. K.C.B. Order of the Bath Medal 1863
19. Seal HMS Cruizer found in the Captain's tea chest.

20. Victorian Medal with earlier bars from Algiers Campaign 1816, Pelagosa 1811 and Boat Service.

Naval dress coat, mid 19th century
Indian Cotton dress belonging to Sophie c.1835

Click to enlarge and read a brief fascinating history of Miss Hope MacDougall and her life's work.

Fanny Lamble

These are only a few of the interesting historical items on display in the 1745 House. Hopefully the museum will be expanded in the future to show much more of the collection.

Hope you enjoyed it!
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Tamara Hunter said...

Beautiful, Vonda. Nice to learn tidbits of the people who lived in that era.

Anonymous said...

Hello Vonda.

Another great post. Thank God those artifacts were saved and thank God there's plenty of people to keep them alive with words!!

Annie (aka Kelly Ann Scott)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Tamara, thanks so much! I thought the people and their story was interesting.

Annie, I'm so glad you liked it. I agree, it's wonderful those artifacts were saved and some rescued. Thanks!