New release: The Disciplinarian’s Daughter

I’m thrilled to announce that my erotic Victorian romance, The Disciplinarian’s Daughter, is part of the new Secrets Volume 31: Fantasies Fulfilled anthology released by Red Sage Publishing.

Here’s the blurb:

Only virgins need apply…

In sexually-repressed Victorian England, Dr. Trevor Markham is determined to prove that the condition known as ‘female hysteria’ is simply a woman’s sexual frustration. But when innocent Amelia Ashworth responds to his ad for a scientific study of virgins, Trevor’s sexual experiments produce results neither of their hearts expect.

A little background on the story:

Victorian England was a very sexually-repressed age. At one time, even table legs needed to be covered, lest they remind the male species of women’s legs! And a glimpse of an actual female ankle beneath a woman’s gown was considered scandalous.

Needless to say, female sexual satisfaction was a very low priority during this time. Sexual frustration among women – the irritability, short-temperedness, difficulty sleeping, and other symptoms that can result – was considered to be a medical condition which doctors called ‘female hysteria.’ In my story, doctor Trevor Markham recognizes hysteria for what it truly is, and sets out on a noble experiment to discover the toys and techniques women could use to satisfy themselves if their husbands neglected or ignored this marital responsibility. He just didn’t count on innocent Amelia Ashworth being the lady who responded to his ad for a virgin volunteer…  

In real life, toward the end of the Victorian era – and with help from the advent of electricity – Dr. Joseph Mortimer Granville patented the first electromechanical vibrator around 1880. And women have been thanking him ever since! 

I hope you’ll enjoy The Disciplinarian’s Daughter, which is the much-asked-for sequel to my story, The Disciplinarian, in Secrets, Volume 15.

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