Sharing my art :)

If you follow me on FB, then you know I got a chest tattoo about six weeks ago to cover an old castle tattoo I'd walked into a shop and picked off the wall almost 20 years ago. I've hated that tat for years. I'm seriously driving it into my kid's heads to never pick something off the wall. Just don't. Wait.

At 36, I was finally ready to get the tat I've always wanted. One that reflects who I am as a person. Why? Because I know who I am at 36, lol.

So to say the least the chest piece was only the beginning of a huge piece of art I've slowly had added over the last six weeks. Emily from Cosmic Tattoos in Charlotte, NC is amazing. I had so many ideas I wanted to include in the tat. She took my chaotic thoughts and created a breathtaking piece. I've had 4 sessions. I will have one more in little over a month to finish detailing. Then we are going to sit down and discuss how to cover the wizard tat on my other shoulder. Again, I was young as hell when I got it and it looks like ass sitting beside Emily's work. It has to go!

Anyway here is some pics.

The tat we are about to cover. I got that when I was eighteen. My second of three tats I got all in the same year.

Starting. And yes the collarbone hurt!!

The finished product. Can't even tell there used to be a castle there.

The outline of my bicep sleeve. This is dedicated to my kids. The words behind it are some of my favorite quotes I do my best to live by and it is in my handwriting. I'll put the quotes down below.

A boy/girl silhouette that represent my kids. The notebook represents my writing.

This silhouette represents me.

Session 3: My inspire tat for the back.

Three weeks later, back to the bicep for fill-in.

Back view. I plan to to take the tat all the way around. I'm just waiting because I know its going to hurt hell. I barely made it through the tat on my back once she got near the spine.

The full front view.I'm all glossy from vasoline, lol.

The quotes behind the tree are:

I am made entirely of flaws stitched together with good intentions.

Stars can't shine without darkness.

Mistakes are the portals to discovery.

Be the reason someone smiles.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

Find a heart that will love you at your worst and arms that will hold you at your weakest.

Speak from the heart and they will hear from the heart.

The deepest pain empowers you to grow into your highest self.

I'm thrilled with it. Its amazing how something like this can change how you carry yourself. Though,  right now I am going through the peeling stage on my arm. It makes the tat look gross. LOL. Thankfully, that only lasts about a week. I'm looking forward to the final detail session. Emily did an amazing job!!



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That is amazing!

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Wow that's amazing and beautiful! You are tough. I don't think I could stand the pain. :)