Great reviews for Her Royal Masquerade!

"...the romance sweeps you away and the fantasy makes you smile."

I don't think you can ask for a better review quote than that! It was from a review from Bodice Rippers: Femme Fatales and Fantasy. You can read the entire review here.

Books and Bree said: "...I’m really glad this is a series! There’s so many other characters whose stories im dying to hear like Bridgitte, Vittorio’s sister Angelina, and even his bodyguard Rico. Can’t wait to hear more from this Author!"

"...The story has a definite modern-day fairy tale feeling too it yet doesn’t come across as forced or farcical. Vittorio is a prime example of a royal Alpha male used to getting his way in all things and I enjoyed watching his struggle when things were not going as he’d anticipated. I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series. " From Venus Cahill Reviews

I'm thrilled that I'm getting such a great response for Her Royal Masquerade. And that readers are looking forward to more books in my Her Royal Romance series. Book #2, Her Royal Bodyguard is available in ebook and print right now. I am currently writing book #3, Her Royal Mistake, featuring Princess Birgitte.

Her Royal Masquerade available now.
Her Royal Bodyguard available now.

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