And the winner is...

Last month, I ran a contest to give away a cute Paris tote bag from my recent trip to France.

The question was: who designed the Eiffel Tower?

We had several answers, but the correct one is Stephen Sauvestre.

I’ll reference Wikipedia for the explanation….

>>The design of the Eiffel Tower was originated by Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier, two senior engineers who worked for the Compagnie des Etablissements Eiffel, after discussion about a suitable centerpiece for the proposed 1989 World’s Fair...  Initially, Gustave Eiffel himself showed little enthusiasm for the design, but he did sanction further study of the project, and the two engineers then asked Stephen Sauvestre, the head of company's architectural department, to contribute to the design. Sauvestre added decorative arches to the base, a glass pavilion to the first level, and other embellishments. This enhanced version gained Eiffel's support and is the structure we see today.<<

So the answer is Stephen Sauvestre.  Three people guessed correctly, so I threw their names into a hat and… the winner of the Paris tote bag is… (drum roll)  Vickie Dailey! Congratulations!!

Vickie is a customer service rep and lives in Minnesota. I’m sending the tote bag out to her today J

Thanks to everyone for participating!


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vickie said...

thanks again Jenna