My Favorite Week Of The Year

The week between Christmas and New Year is my favorite week of the year. Not because it’s bookended by two fun holidays, but because nobody works. Even for those of us who do have to go into an office or punch a time clock during that week, little work actually gets done. Yes, despite the fact our bodies are there, we’re on a mental vacation.  (And getting paid for it!)

On the other hand, it can also be a pretty productive week. Without the pressure of work deadlines, we can get caught up on all that stuff that piles up day-after-day at the office or out in the field. So that week can be very valuable from that perspective.

Whichever way you spend it, the week between Christmas and New Year, for me, at least, always seems to pass very slowly. Time crawls. Which is good. We all tend to rush through our days, anxious to get everything done, but like my yoga teacher says, the only moment you are alive is THIS moment. The past is past, and the future hasn’t happened yet. The only moment is NOW. Right now. So stop. Enjoy it. Live in the moment. Appreciate right now. Time is big when you think of it like that!

So this week, I give you the gift of time.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a Happy New year!  See you in 2014,


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Natasha Moore said...

Great post, Leigh. I needed a reminder to live in the moment :)