I need a Vacation

And this blog is late. I seem to be running behind on everything nowadays. I'm finding it harder to juggle things. I believe I've discovered the reason why. It hit me this week that I haven't gone on any sort of vacation, even a weekend getaway, in over three years. What?!?!

This is coming from a woman who would at least go to the beach once during the summer and the mountains once during the winter. But, nope, haven't had the time to do so. I've been attributing my scatterbrainness to stress, which, yeah of course, that's what its coming from. But I'm finding I'm having a harder time dealing with stress than I used to. I need to go somewhere and recharge. LOL.

Problem is I don't have the time.

This is just a hectic time of the year. Add in trying to find a place to live and its mass chaos. Maybe the new place will be my getaway. New walls to look at, you know? A change of scenery does work wonders.

So to be open about something, I'm excited about the move and dreading it at the same time. I've lived with my best friend for three years. Both of us, and my sister, all got separated around the same time and to get back on our feet, we moved in together with all our kids and split the cost of everything. Living on your own is expensive, especially when you've been stay-at-home moms for years. Together, we were able to do it. A year later, my sister moved out and my best friend's bf moved in. Before anyone thinks we are all crammed in like sardines in a small apartment. We're not. It's a six bedroom, three bathroom house. We have tons of room.

The lease is up and we are all about to go our own ways. The BFF bought a home and her and the bf are moving there and I'm searching for a place to live. Like I said, I'm excited about me and my kids being on our own. The dread comes in when I think about sitting down to watch The Vampire Diaries on Thursday night by myself. That is something I've watched with the BFF since we moved in together. Or something happening and I'd race into the kitchen or her bedroom to vent it out. Going to have to do that through text or phone call now. So there will be an adjustment period. That is what I'm dreading.

First though, got to find that place, lol. I hate moving. Like despise it. And it being this time of year makes it suck even worse. It's cold outside. Who wants to move in the cold?

And here is where that vacation comes in. I am so treating myself to one this year. I don't know where. But I am going somewhere sunny and warm :)

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Tamara Hunter said...

Abby, good luck with the upcoming move and your well-deserved vacation! The only thing that keeps me sane in winter is looking at beach photos.