Royalty Romances

I've had a few people ask me why I'm writing about modern day princes and princesses, and I admit I usually (with just a few exceptions) write about characters firmly rooted in real life situations. But when a story of forbidden romance came to me, I couldn't resist telling these characters' story and giving them their happy ending. And the Her Royal Romance series was born. So these are my very unscientific thoughts on why we love royalty romances.

What draws us to royalty? What has us scrambling for pictures of royal couples, following the engagement and wedding of William and Kate, and hanging on the media coverage of the birth of the new prince? I suppose there is always a fascination with people whose lifestyles are so different from our own, especially if they seem so glamorous. I remember as a little girl dressing up as a princess with a long skirt and a make believe tiara on my head. I felt pretty and special, and don’t all little girls want to feel that way?

Look at the popularity of television shows like Once Upon A Time. We grow up on fairy tales. Stories of princes and princesses. Fantasies that make us sigh when the shoe fits or the kiss wakes the Sleeping Beauty. Some say it’s a Cinderella complex. The first time I heard that term I had to look it up. Basically, it describes a fear of being independent that causes an unconscious desire to be taken care of by others. And while that might describe some women out there, I think we can enjoy our fantasies without worrying we have some kind of complex.

Enjoying a fairy tale romance that involves a handsome prince is not looking for a man to take care of us. At least not for me. And not for Mia in Her Royal Masquerade. She’s not looking for a romance with a prince. She’s a practical schoolteacher and definitely not looking for someone to take care of her. She can take care of herself, thank you very much. But while she might not be helpless, when it comes to the way she feels about Vittorio, she’s weak. And don’t we all fantasize about the kind of love that engulfs us, embraces us? The kind of love that makes our heart soar. The kind of love that is so powerful, there is no escaping it.

But, you see, the thing is, it happens to Vittorio too. He never expected to fall in love. He’s required to marry royalty, so he expected a cold business arrangement of a marriage like his parents had. And then he meets Mia. And he’s just as weak around her. There’s no escaping his feelings for her, even when he knows it is an impossible situation. And don’t we all like the thought of a man, rich and powerful or not, who’s brought to his knees by the love of a woman?

So this book is for the little girl inside of us who always wanted to be a princess, even when she knew she was just an ordinary girl. And this book is for the grown woman in us, who can sigh when approached by a handsome prince, drawn out onto the dance floor, and begins to fall in love.

Her Royal Masquerade
Silken Canvas
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Unknown said...

What little girl didn't dream of being a princess? Nice reviews of this on Amazon!

Natasha Moore said...

Thanks :)