Guest Interview: Lisa Whitefern & Giveaway

Join me in welcoming fellow Samhain author, Lisa Whitefern, to Fierce Romance today.

Please tell our readers a little about Lisa Whitefern. What would our readers be surprised to know about you?

Well I was born in New York City to American parents but I've lived in New Zealand since the age of two years old so I'm basically a Kiwi. My husband and I own an ice-cream van, and that's what my husband does, he sells ice-cream from a mobile van. We have two little boys. Well perhaps I shouldn't say that anymore because one is a teenager now, and taller than me.

Mmm, ice cream. Tell us about your latest book.

When I conceived of my erotic novel Wicked Wonderland the three goals I had were to write a magical paranormal Christmas story, an emotional romance between 3 people in a ménage, and an erotic story hot enough to jingle sleigh bells and curl your mistletoe!

It's also a retelling of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer where the outcast heroine is taken on a magical erotic sleigh ride by two very sexy half-fae men. To make it more interesting there is also a very evil villain bent on her destruction.

I love holiday stories. What are you currently working on?

I'm currently working on another erotic paranormal menage with half-fae very loosely connected to Wicked Wonderland (the heroine is the daughter of the villain in Wicked Wonderland), but this one is set in Africa and has a werelion as one of the heroes. It also deals with themes of child abuse.

What do you wish you’d know before you became published?

Well I started out selling a lot of short stories to anthologies for flat rates. I don't know if that was the right choice because those books are still selling well, and of course I'm not getting any part of the royalties, since I took one off payments. If the anthology is not by a very good publisher though you could end up with very little in royalty payments so I was more comfortable taking the flat fee at the time.

The first book with my name alone on the cover was a historical paranormal erotic romance set during the Salem Witch trials and I didn't understand at the time that only a few historical periods such as the English regency really sell in historical romance. That's not to say people shouldn't be writing romance and erotic romance set in other time periods and settings, but go in with your eyes open and realize that it may be a hard sell. The story Waking the Witch has only really started selling now that people are buying Wicked Wonderland. People seem to really like it on Goodreads though.

Most people think the life of a writer is glamorous. What’s the least glamorous thing you’ve done in the past week?

Changed the sheets on my bed that my youngest child had an accident on. He wants to sleep with Mama all the time and it's hard to say no to someone who always wants to hug you. It's putting a damper on my own erotic time with my husband I must say, but I feel it's just an emotional need for my little one right now, he's scared of the dark.

Where can our readers find out more about you and your stories?

I've made a pintrest page that expresses the themes of some of my work.

I have a blog where I talk about market news, and opportunities for writers of fiction, especially romance and erotic fiction.

Is there anything you’d like to ask our readers?

I'd like to ask whether readers here like to read holiday themed romance. Anyone writing a holiday themed romance?

It's a little bit late I suppose but I'll give away an ebook copy of my Halloween themed paranormal romance novella (15,000 words) Waking the Witch to one reader who comments. :-)

Be sure and comment for a chance at Lisa's giveaway! Thanks for joining us today, Lisa!


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Mary Preston said...

I look forward to reading holiday themed romances - especially just before Christmas. Sets the stage.