Got the Blues? Me, too!

I don't know about you, but for me it has been a very looooooong week. The kind of week where on Monday I'm hoping it's Thursday. Job stress will do that to you. My diversion? Eating cupcakes. My DH bought some with red, white, and blue frosting to honor Veteran's Day and the blue food coloring, we discovered, is a bit, um, overt. By overt, I mean it comes out of the body as brightly as it taken in.


So after noting my output was tinged bright Caribbean blue--after nearly having a heart attack--I started thinking. Not the kind of thinking that includes how to do the laundry or what it will take to get to the bank before it closes, but the kind that slips into the land of...hmmmm.

And hmmm it was. Based on the results of eating the blue icing, what would happen if I ate a blue cupcake and a red cupcake? Would the results be purple? I will report once I know, but for just know that as innocuous as this little scientific experiment has been, cures for major diseases have been spawned from less. :)

I guess you could say I've been a little crazy lately, even beyond the speculation of my next bowel movement. Not just from job stress, but from the need to write. I haven't had as much writing time lately, and so I've been a little...crazy. This is the kind of crazy that comes from having two stories floating around in my head that I feel I MUST write compounded by a brand new story idea that came from nowhere. Suddenly, I have the urge to write another vampire story, only this time with a bit of a twist. Normally, I'd welcome the muse. However, with two stories already battling it out for my attention, I don't know what I will do with the third. Write it, I suppose. But when?

I'm looking forward to the holidays, because there are scant moments when I get to write and release my characters from their prisons. It's a blessing to have that time and I look forward to it. What about you? What do the holidays bring? Looking forward to some time to write? I know I am.

Happy Reading!

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