Release Dates!

Aside from contracts and covers, release dates are what we look forward to the most. This week I found out release dates for two of my upcoming e-book releases. I already knew the print release date for Silken Canvas this fall, but I'll be happy to give you a reminder today.

First coming up in the schedule is Voluptuous from Ellora's Cave. It's now up on the Coming Soon page on the Ellora's Cave website with a release date of September 6th. I know that day will come up fast because summers fly by, at least here in western NY.

Silken Canvas is available right now as an e-book from Samhain, but it will be out in print this fall. November 5th, to be exact. But it is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I think the cover is like a work of art and I can't wait to hold this one in my hand!

My third release will be Playing for Real, book #5 in the Paolo's Playhouse series from Samhain. We'll have to wait a little longer for this one. The release date is March 18, 2014. That means we'll have to go through another winter before Playing for Real comes out! But it'll get here eventually and the wait, I'm sure, will be worth it. It will probably be a while before I have a cover, but I'll share it here as soon as I can.

When you read this, I hope to be on the road, heading for a vacation in the Outer Banks. But even though I'll be curling my toes in the sand, that doesn't mean I won't be getting some writing done. The story I'm working on now takes place in a spot very similar to where we will be staying, so I'll be getting some research done as well. Looking forward to getting inspired by those parasailors and kiteboarders:) Hope to be sharing some pictures in a couple weeks.


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