I'm going to be pretty vague in this blog since I'm not ready to reveal what the heroine of my third Love to the Extreme novel does for a living. You'd think I'd be shouting it from the rooftops since it's something I've personally never read before, but to say I worry I've bitten off more than I can chew is an understatement. Am I up for the challenge? Absolutely. Am I scared crap-less? Oh, hell yeah.

I've always wanted to write a main character who does this for a living. I'm fascinated by it. But being fascinated by it and being able to bring it to life on the page are two totally different things. I've started doing some research between blogging for my blog tours and trying to finish my last Awakening's book, and, man, there is a lot to this. I'm going to end up reaching out to professionals in the field to see if they would be willing to answer some of my questions.

I do have this giddy excitement about starting this book. It's going to be an adventure. Unfortunately, I do know my writing schedule is about to become sporadic. Yep, summer vacation. LOL. Kids and writing just don't mix. So I'll be down to writing only on my "daddy weekends." Which is significantly less than the time I spend writing per week now. My plan is to try and get a rough draft written in the ten weeks the kids are out. And it will be very, very rough. That way when they go back to school and I get my mornings back, I can spend the first couple of weeks back in my writing mode, putting the finishing touches on the MS.

So, authors, have you ever written a career field that you worry will fall flat when you try to write it?


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