May at Biltmore

My friend and I got season passes to Biltmore Estate and visited a few days ago. These two turkey gobblers greeted us not long after we passed through the gates. Okay, so they weren't really there to greet us. They were competing and courting a turkey hen which I didn't get a good picture of. She ignored all their strutting, posing, and posturing, then dashed across the drive and up the bank into the woods. I had never seen turkeys showing off and doing their mating rituals like this in the wild so it was really interesting.

The sky was looking a bit ominous as we walked through the woods and neared the house. It was around 12 noon so we headed to the Stable Cafe for lunch. Yes, it really used to be stables, but no horsey smells are left. :) If you click the link above you will see a picture of the cafe.

 This is one of the entrances from the parking areas. I love this fountain, iron gate and ivy-covered wall. It looks like someplace in Europe.

After lunch we headed onto the South Terrace. We didn't go inside the house since we did that in February and were in a hurry to see the gardens.

Click the above photo to enlarge. The views of the mountains in the distance is amazing! The sky still looks threatening, but there was no rain. And the temperature was nice.

Just off the South Terrace is this extensive wisteria arbor.

Click the above photo to enlarge it. I love this wisteria! (But I would not want to maintain it. LOL)

A closeup of the wisteria, with azaleas in the background.

The Library Terrace. Wouldn't it be nice to sit under this wisteria and trumpet vine arbor in summer and read? Yes, if I could keep my eyes off that wonderful view. After this, we walked back to the parking area and drove down to park below the conservatory.

Two weeks ago I shared photos of the amazing display of tulips in the Walled Garden. After all the rain, most of the tulips had faded but lots of other flowers were in bloom, like these bluebells, above. Bluebells are among my favorite flowers. They look so dainty and romantic. The bluebells in Scotland are a different color, a darker blue, and in some areas, like Argyll they grow like weeds along the sides of the roads in May. So beautiful! In my latest release, My Daring Highlander, bluebells play a romantic role in Keegan and Seona's story. :)

This bearded iris in the Walled Garden seemed to be posing for a picture. I used to grow one similar to this.

A view of the conservatory from across the garden. I love these perennial borders with all the blues and purples.

We left the Walled Garden and headed into the Shrub Garden. I couldn't resist taking this picture from up the hill. It's like a bird's eye view and you can see the patterns the flowers are planted in.

The four acre Shrub Garden has more than 500 varieties of plants, shrubs, and trees including this weeping Blue Atlas Cedar and azaleas.

I think this little guy is some sort of salamander. He was very shy and quickly sped back into his hiding place.

I thought this white bleeding heart was really beautiful. I have fond memories from my childhood of the pink bleeding hearts my mom has always grown. We strolled through the Spring Garden and toward the Azalea Garden. More on that next week. :)
Thanks for going on this garden stroll with me!


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Ella Quinn - Romance Novelist said...

Lovely pictures. Tweeted.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, Ella!!

Randy said...

Sigh. As always, Vonda. Gorgeous photos! What a really cool placee!

Tamara Hunter said...

Lovely photos, Vonda!! I enjoy living vicariously through you!!!

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, Randy and Tamara!! I'm glad you liked it!

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Gorgeous, Vonda. Like I say everytime I have the privilege to view your photos - you have a magic eye for those gardens and flowers.

Vanessa Holland said...

Fantastic pictures, Vonda! The Biltmore is an amazing place. I hope to go back there someday but till then, it's great to see it all again through your pictures!

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thank you, Paisley! I love taking photos!

Vanessa, thanks! I hope you get to return soon!

BBT said...

The photos are beautiful. My husband and I visited Biltmore during the month of June. It was hot, but the gardens were still lovely.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks, BB! Yes, I love their gardens so much at any time of year.