At The Outer Banks

Sun. Surf. Sand. Shopping. And daily walks on the beach. We have two more days at the Outer Banks of North Carolina and then will be making our way back home.

Sitting on the deck overlooking the beach at our campground. Our campsite is close enough to see the water and hear the surf.

We've been really lucky with the weather. But even when the skies weren't clear blue, the clouds were beautiful.

Footprints in the sand - human and dog and bird.

I love the dunes.

Beneath Rodanthe Pier.

Standing in front of the pier, my feet in the water, wearing my new hat.

We'll be back home before we know it, but I'm relaxing and having a great time. I'm not writing, but I'm soaking up the atmosphere and taking lots of pictures. Don't be surprised if I have a few stories in the future set on the beach.


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