Starting Book Three

So after taking a week and a half away from writing, my brain and body feels refreshed and ready to tackle book three. I have a sick baby at home today with a stomach bug. I'm not sure how much writing I will get done with her here, but even if I only get a few words down at least I've finally started. I won't have to write this one as quickly as I did Liam's story. With the holidays right around the corner, it's going to pretty much impossible to get that kind of word count again. Thanksgiving is next week, and the kids are out of school for three days and then it's just a couple of weeks until Christmas where they are out for almost two weeks.

Kids and writing just don't go hand in hand anymore.

Anyway this book should be a little easier to write. I hope. Liam's book was so dark (and exhausting). A lost love romance with a lot of heartache, and a conflict that kept them a part all the way to the bitter end. Britton's is the polar opposite. An enemy-to-lovers romance. My heroine is a badass homicide detective who doesn't back down from my hero's (a street cop) taunting mouth. In fact, she gives just as good as she receives. The banter between these two during Liam's story was simply fun, and I'm looking forward to more.

Here's to a healthy word count!!!


Natasha Moore said...

Woot! Go, Abby!

Natasha Moore said...
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