I Think I Traumatized My Son

So a funny from over the holidays. No spoilers I promise. I’m a fan of the Twilight movies. Unfortunately, this year, I didn’t get to go to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2 like I usually would and all my friends were busy with the holidays, so I didn’t have anyone to go with me afterwards. Well, momma used her powers of persuasion and convinced her kids to go with her. My daughter was on board, but…well, let’s just say my son wasn’t completely thrilled about going. He didn’t have to go, mind you, but he loves the movies and didn’t want to be left out, so he went.

The kissing. This exchange reminded me very much of the “Is this a kissing book?” scene from The Princess Bride. My son took the kissing as well as little Fred Savage did. Every time Bella and Edward would lock lips, I’d look over and he’d have his hands covering his eyes. At one point I couldn’t hold my chuckle back anymore. He chastised my amusement with a, “I’m not used to this, momma!” I took pity on the poor kid and made sure not to make another noise about his embarrassment over two people kissing.  

Now for the part where I think I really traumatized him. I think everyone has heard there is a twist in the movie that wasn’t in the book. Yeah. Very bad mommy moment on my part…the fan girl came out and I forgot who I was with. There is a poignant moment that starts this twist. When it happened, I yelled…yes yelled in a theatre full of people, “WHAT!” Now in my defense, I talk to the TV when I watch it, so my kids know I can be verbal when I really get into a show. However, it didn’t go over that well this time. I FREAKED my son out. My reaction immediately set him on edge and it wasn’t long afterwards (after another WHAT! I couldn’t keep stifled) the tears started. All he knew was momma was having a very animated reaction to something going on and he didn’t like her reaction. He spent the rest of the movie with his head in his shirt.

BTW--the girl LOVED the movie and laughed at me every time I had a rather lively response to the movie. That’s how different my twins are.

Next time, though, I’ll just stick with the action movies for the boy. He loved The Avengers. But keep the romance ones for just me and the girl.


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Vonda Sinclair said...

LOL! How hilarious! Poor kid. :)