Everything Old is New Again...Yippee!

 We had a touch of snow down our way recently, and, although it melted right away, it reminded me that December is almost here, which reminded me that it will be six years ago on 12/6 that my first purely erotica piece was published. It was my first foray into getting published in the genre, and I've continued to write in the area ever since. As the seasons change, though, and the continuation of life comes full circle, so does a writer's career, and mine has done just that recently.

Over the last few months, I've requested and gotten the rights back to most of my books. I have plans for each of them, whether it be placing them with another publisher or trying to produce them myself, and I am really, really excited to get the chance to work with them again. It feels like getting a first contract on each book all over again, which is really sort of cool. I mean, who expects to feel the ecstasy of a first kiss more than once?

It also sort of feels like a rebirth, because I'll be going through each book and editing it, updating it and, in some cases, putting in what I had to take out. For example, one editor I had, who left the company soon after my book was published, raved about my "romantic comedy" and then proceeded to have me remove anything remotely amusing in it. All that's going back in, even though trying to figure how much and what I revised is going to be somewhat of a tough task after all these years.

I also have some new stories I will be combining with some of the older ones in collections, and a couple of never-before-seen pieces that need a chance to leave the literary nest that is my computer hard drive. I still have two books and a story in an anthology available--Second Nature, Seducing Gracie, and Going Somewhere (Firestorm Anthology)--until the others debut all shiny and renewed.

I just wanted to share my endeavor with readers because I've been getting inquiries about my next book, but also because you've have been incredibly supportive and wonderful about my books though the years. I can't thank you enough...or can I? Should I have a special promotion for the anniversary of my writing career in December? Hmmm, that's a thought. What kind of promo do you like the best? Any ideas? Please do share!

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