Happy Thanksgiving!

It's that time of year that we reflect on the past year and give thanks for everything we've been blessed with.

I'm thankful for my two awesome kids, who are wonderful about knowing when mommy is stressed over a deadline and being very understanding about it. One day I'm going to get those kids to Disney:) They deserve it.

I'm thankful for my mom, dad and sister, who are very supportive of my dreams and encourage me to continue. Who help me with my kids on my weekends, so I can go to my day job, and don't give me any fuss when I have to miss a Sunday dinner because a deadline is close and I'm not anywhere near being finished. 

I'm thankful for my totally awesome critique partners, who didn't blink an eye last month when I was posting chapters like crazy as I wrote the second book of my paranormal series. They jumped right in and was there every step of the way, offering me encouragement when I was totally panic-stricken that I wasn't going to finish. I love these ladies. They've helped me become the writer I am, and I'll never forget that.

I'm thankful for Entangled Publishing for taking a chance on me, and making me feel like my dreams are truly within my grasp.

And last but certainly not least, I'm extremely thankful for my roommates. Without them the last two years would've been impossible to get through. We have each others backs at all time. If one of us has something happen, the others step up to pitch in and help. It might not be the most conventional living situation, it's crowded at times, and constantly chaotic, but I wouldn't change it. It's a safety net a lot of newly single parents don't have and I'm extremely grateful that I have it. One day we'll all be back on our feet, ready to go our separate ways, but this time will never be forgotten, and will always hold treasured memories for both me and my kids.


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