Decadent Chocolate Pizza

With the Holidays just around the corner, I thought I’d share a quick-and-easy treat that’s sure to please everyone with a sweet tooth. This super-simple (and totally decadent!) chocolate pizza recipe is featured in my erotic romance Snow White And Her Seven Lovers.

In my story, the chocolate pizza is a project worked on in the kitchen by the sweet baker Dopey – er, I mean Paul – and Snow White – er, I mean the heroine of the story, Blanche.  Enjoy!

-          one package brownie mix
-          one container cake frosting (chocolate)
-          one bag (bite-sized or regular) peanut butter cups (optional)
-          one bag chocolate chips (milk or dark chocolate)
-          one 8 oz. jar hot fudge sauce

-          Follow directions to make brownie mixture, then spread brownie mixture in round, flat pizza pan. Bake in oven until done (as per brownie directions). Let cool. (This acts as the pizza “crust.”)
-          When brownie is cool, spread chocolate frosting in thin layer over entire brownie pizza base (Frosting signifies the pizza “sauce.”)

-          Cut peanut butter cups into bite-sized pieces. Sprinkle chocolate chips and/or peanut butter cup pieces generously over pizza. (These are your pizza “toppings.”)

-          Warm hot fudge sauce in microwave. Drizzle over pizza in cross-hatch design (or any design of your choice)
What do you think? Sound yummy? Who needs sex when a girl can have an oral orgasm like this, right? How about you? Have any super-simple yet to-die-for dessert recipes to recommend?



Carly Carson said...

I love the part about the baker making this in your story. It's clever and different. Would I eat this? Hmmm I love chocolate but...let me add to the decadence - I'd put some whipped cream on top to cut the sweetness. lol Now I'm hungry...

Kathy Bennett said...

Oh, Jenna, this sounds so delish! My taste buds say, 'yes,' my fanny and thighs say, 'don't do it!'

I loved the baker in Snow White and Her Seven Lovers!

Sam Beck said...

Love the chocolate pizza recipe! As long as I'm sinning with sweets, I think I'll add a scoop of ice-cream to my slice in addition to the whip cream, and strap in for the ensuing chocolate orgasm, followed by a sugar coma, followed by some serious repentance on the treadmill! Hmm ... maybe "Snow White And Her Seven Lovers" as my treadmill read.

Alice Gaines said...

OMG, that sounds good. I bet I could only eat a tiny slice. Rich!

Jenna Ives said...

Carly/Kathy/Samanthe -
That's the best thing about writing fiction -- the calories are ALSO fiction, LOL!

Indulge without guilt,

Jenna Ives said...

Alice -
A tiny slice of heaven is still heavenly :)


Anne Kane said...

Oh Lordy, I can feel my hips expanding. Then again, chocolate is good for the heart, right? LOL Going to have to try this one!