Veronica Wolff and her Warrior of the Highlands

Hi, everyone, today I've asked Veronica Wolff to tell us about her latest release.

Welcome, Veronica! It's always a pleasure to feature your wonderful books here at Fierce Romance. What a beautiful, sexy cover! Please tell us about Warrior of the Highlands.

Veronica: While doing research for her dissertation, graduate student Haley Fitzpatrick stumbles upon a strange artifact—which sends her back in time to old Scotland, directly into the path of the notorious Alasdair MacColla, a warrior known for his enormous physical presence and bloodthirsty reputation. Assuming that this woman with the mysterious accent is an enemy spy, MacColla promptly kidnaps her. But Haley’s beauty and courage strike a chord in the Highlander, awakening a desire in him that he hadn't known existed.

At first Haley’s frightened by her imposing captor. But she soon discovers that MacColla is much more than the brute that modern history describes, and decides she’s meant to be by his side. But unless she can find a way to change the past, the warrior she’s fallen for is destined to meet a tragic end.

Vonda: Sounds awesome! What inspired you to write this story or what is the story behind the story?

Veronica: It was inspired by the real Alasdair MacColla, renowned as one of the greatest of all Celtic warriors. I got to know him while writing my second book, SWORD OF THE HIGHLANDS. The real MacColla was larger than life: super-human strength, famously brave, and--icing on the cake for a romance author!--unusually tall. He was a hero waiting to happen.

I poured myself into research, and just let my mind wander from there… I wondered, what if the woman who was sent back in time to him was an expert on Scottish history? What if she spoke some Gaelic, knew a saber from a sgian dubh, and could fire a weapon as well as any soldier?

What if this woman knew her lover was destined to die?

I had to write it, and even I was surprised at how it all unfolded…

Vonda: Wow, that's a fantastic twist, Veronica!
Instead of a long interview this time, I'm sending you to Veronica's website to read an exciting excerpt. Actually two excerpts. I highly recommend them both and you will fall in love with this hero like I have.

This one involves a kiss! Who can resist? And I love the humor.

In this one, MacColla goes on a daring rescue mission.
Sigh. If I were trapped in such a horrid place, I'd want him rescuing me!
Thanks so much, Veronica, for taking the time to visit with us today!
If you haven't seen Veronica's website entry page, you must check it out too:


Carly Carson said...

I couldn't find the kiss, but Chp. 2 was very exciting. And I love your site!


Vonda Sinclair said...

Oops! Sorry Carly. I've corrected it now. The link should lead directly to the other excerpt. Thanks for visiting!!

Anna Kathryn Lanier said...

Wow, great excerpts. Sounds like a wonderful book. Thanks for sharing.

Anna Kathryn

Caroline said...

Loved the kiss!!
It sounds like a super book. Wishing you much success!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!! And thanks so much to Vonda and everyone at Fierce Romance for having me! :)

Eliza Knight said...

Sounds wonderful Veronica!! I can't wait to get my hands on it! Great excerpts too!

Julie Robinson said...

Thanks Vonda for having Veronica.

I was deeply engrossed in the book just now while eating lunch. I had just finished chapter 4 when I finished my food, so I figured I'd check my email and saw Vonda's note that you were here.

Veronica, I loved your other two, but this one has got to be your best one so far. But then, I thought the same thing as I was reading those also!

As with Sword of the Highlands, it really appeals to my romantic heart that you 'save' these past heroes from the tragedy that actually befell them. Maybe you are writing their alternate reality . . .


Julie Robinson said...

BTW, I was on Emily Bryan's site last night. She was having a fun activity, where we had to post the last full sentence on page 63 of the book that was closest to us. Guess whose was right next to me as my TBR choice! I started it this morning. (Late last night I finished Karin Tabke's Master of Torment which, though not immediately next to me, was on my nightstand waiting for me to go to bed.)

So many books, so little time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Eliza! And thanks, Julie!! MacColla is definitely my favorite hero, so far... :)

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

This story sounds like a perfect read for me - I LOVE anything Scottish. MacColla is definitely an interesting hero and I cannot wait to read about him.

Shannon Robinson said...

Hey ladies - wonderful interview! I'm a huge fan of Veronica's writing - loved, loved, loved Sword of the Highlands!! I cannot wait to get to the bookstore - if the snow doesn't stop falling soon, I may have to get it online and make the UPS man get it to me instead! LOL!

Chicks of Characterization said...

Awesome interview ladies, and the book sounds fabulous! I'm gonna link the interview back to my blog! Best of luck, Veronica!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks again, everyone!! :)

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thank you, Veronica! And thanks to everyone who visited the blog and checked out Veronica's excerpts! Happy Reading!!

Carol Ericson said...

Great kiss scene, Veronica! Sounds like an awesome hero.