Getting Sensual About Love

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The graphic heading of my blog post struck a chord deep within me as a writer and woman who embraces romantic love. When writing scenes between our heroes and heroines, especially after they’ve realized their attraction, I enjoy employing the five senses to add depth, heighten sexual tension and strengthen the “love” connection between them. While we who write fiction delight in letting our fantasies and imagination take flight, I’ve found that tapping into real-life romantic memories and events provides the ultimate in romantic richness. Remember your first kiss? Did his hot breath tickle your face as his lips sought yours? Were his fingers content combing through your wild-tangled hair as you paused during a walk along the beach. Waves breaking and bubbling over your toes. Sand shifting and holding you tight—but not nearly as tight as your special guy. Salt air tickling your nose. The pleasant piquancy of lingering spices from the candlelit Italian dinner as his mouth explores yours. Moans rattling in his throat as you playfully tackle him to the carpet. Rose petals clinging to your skin and his as you awaken on crisp white sheets in a getaway suite meant for lovers.

These are some of the images and moments that came to mind as I pondered the picture. Of course, the woman in the graphic is so deeply in love with her significant other that she wants a part of him to remain even when he is not at her side. A combining of the sensual sort, if you will, as she breathes him in.

Last week I invited you all to share your thoughts and pick a hero for the romance you are writing. The responses were great, and I’ll confess the man who wins the heart of my heroine is Hunk #2. His eyes told me so much about him. He’s a bit of a daredevil but one with a playful and caring nature. He’ll devour the plate of nachos she prepared for him while shouting his favorite football team to victory. Later, after their sexy soak in the hot tub, he’ll show his appreciation for her love and culinary talent by treating her to a massage that blows her mind and melts all stress.

What about you, readers? Do you enjoy vicariously living and experiencing all that is sensual in the romance novels you read?

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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Eliza Knight said...

The answer is yes! I love reading romances and feeling like I'm the heroine and falling in love with the hero.

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Eliza!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What I've always enjoyed most about reading romance novels over the years is the way I'm swept away right along with the heroine :) Experiencing her flurry of emotions and the sheer wonder of falling in love is the reason why I'm a big fan of romance fiction :)

Here's wishing you and yours much happiness and good health for 2009!