Ellie Marvel & Megan's Choice... an unusual erotic romance

Today I'm talking to Ellie Marvel about her new book out from Red Sage Presents.

Megan Malone, the quadrant’s fastest zip ship pilot, is overworked, overtired and craves the surf, sun and sex of a paradise planet vacation. When her employer receives an urgent commission from the government requesting Megan’s services on a diplomatic mission, she’s all set to refuse--especially when she finds out her domineering ex-lover Yusef Gunnen will be part of that mission.

Nicole: Welcome, Ellie! You have a new and unusual book out this month with Red Sage (with a sexy cover.) Congratulations! Please tell us about Megan's Choice and what makes it different from most erotic romances?

Ellie: Megan's Choice is a futuristic erotic romance with a space ship pilot heroine. That part isn't unusual, but the fact it's structured like a choose your own adventure story is a bit out there. In a good way, I hope. At the end of each scene, the reader gets to tell Megan what (or who!) to do. I noticed Red Sage had described it in some promo material as "One Story--Nine Endings!" and I think that's pretty cool.

Nicole: Wow, that is amazing! You are so creative! Do you have reviews you could share with us?

Ellie: None for Megan yet. I'm busily trying to rectify this error. If any interested reviewers are reading this, for example...

Nicole: Come on, reviewers! Please help Ellie out! What was the most difficult thing about writing this story?

Ellie: Fine-tuning the continuity from thread to thread almost did my editor at Red Sage and me in. Seriously! I wanted the story to be believable and fleshed out no matter which path was chosen, so all the heroine's story arcs had to be hinted at in earlier scenes but not so much that the story could only have one possible resolution. IE, no guns on the mantel unless each story arc could deal with the gun in some fashion.

Nicole: You're a brave lady for tackling such a complex project! I admire you! What is your favorite thing about this story?

Ellie: I loved how easy it was to write. This may seem to contradict the previous question, but writing the rough draft of Megan was like playing a highly entertaining game. What should happen next, this or this? Oh, heck, how about both? The story really became about Megan as a character and how she responded in various situations, situations I might not have been able to put her in believably if I'd stuck with a linear plot.

Nicole: Easy?? I'll take your word for it. :) It certainly does sound like fun! And so is this excerpt.

And here is a very interesting age 18+ excerpt. (Wonder what Megan will do when a hot guy shows up?? Decisions, decisions.)

Where to buy.

Thanks for being our guest today, Ellie! This has been fun!


Jody W. and Meankitty said...

Thanks for inviting me! One tries not to talk about one's work all the time for fear of being boring, so interviews are a relief :)


Marie-Nicole Ryan said...

I've transferred this unique story to my Kindle, but I haven't read it yet. It amazes me that anyone could come up with nine endings . One is difficult enough for me.

Natalie J. Damschroder said...

I can't even wrap my head around the kind of organization a story like this would need. I'm very impressed!

Cynthia Eden said...

Great interview! And I'm with Natalie, I bet this story required a whole lot of organization on your part!

Nicole North said...

Thanks, everyone, for visiting!! And thanks, Ellie, for being our guest today!!

Edie Ramer said...

Terrific interview! I'm having trouble finding one direction for my wip to go. You must have an amazing mind!

Mia Varano said...

This is so cool Ellie and kudos for Red Sage for this innovation.