Friends are Like Books -- You Can Never Have Too Many

Recently I received a wonderful post-Christmas present. A present that will last longer than anything purchased in a retail store or online. Why is this? Because my present came in the form of a friend. A childhood friend I haven’t seen since high-school graduation. She and her lovely family were visiting relatives in our hometown and spending a week, and this gave us plenty of time for catching up on life and happenings over the years. Over coffee and chocolate we revisited lots of happy times and planned future get-togethers. Many laughs and some tears later, goodbyes were said and their plane took off. Good news and great moments come in many ways, but the times spent with friends are priceless and precious and far too few. As my friend is an avid fiction reader, we also chatted about books we’ve read countless times, some often enough we could recite certain passages as though we’d written them. While she’s read volumes of Shakespeare so many times the thought of her “classic” passion makes my head spin, I spoke of my fondness of the writings of Fitzgerald, Harper Lee and Tennessee Williams among others. We agreed those collections of novels are possessions with which we’d never part. After all, we’d read them during times of pregnancy, losses of loved ones, road trips, family vacations—events running the gamut of our girlhood and womanhood. We’d no more lose these books than we’d toss our favorite shoes, handbags, chocolate and coffee out for the trashman. Our books grew right along with us and often lifted us from sorrow or transported us to a more comfortable place when the world around us closed in at an alarming pace.

Friendship is a topic I explore in many of the forty-seven manuscripts I’ve written. In my romantic suspense novel, ROUGHRIDER, Kimberly Taylor seeks out her childhood friend and returns to a town where she hopes to slay some sexual demons. Jack Dodson is a former rodeo champion who’s shifted into a more stable lifestyle and is co-managing a ranch in Texas. He prefers a bit of solitude while Kimberly’s seeking sexual adventures.

Rabid curiosity clashes with criminal minds and escalates the drama in a small town where love and loyalties are harder won than any rodeo trophies.

Roughrider Medium cover

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Shawna Moore
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