Melissa Mayhue gives us A Highlander of Her Own

I'm happy that Melissa Mayhue is visiting with us today to tell us about her new book, just released, A Highlander of Her Own! Welcome, Melissa and congratulations! Please tell us what your new book is about. (What a magical cover!)

Melissa: A Highlander of Her Own is my fourth book in the award-winning Daughters of the Glen Series. Fifth in the series, A Highlander's Destiny, is scheduled for January 2010.

Blurb for A Highlander of Her Own:

TEXAS, PRESENT DAY. Ellie Denton’s world has spiraled out of control. A strange new birthmark, animals talking to her, and her mother’s ex-husband laying claim to the family ranch have her thinking life can’t get more complicated. But Ellie doesn’t know the birthmark’s connection to her Faerie ancestors. Complicated takes on a whole new meaning with her innocent wish to find her true love.

SCOTLAND, 1304. Caden MacAlister has more trouble than he can handle. With his brother held for ransom and the laird missing, the last thing he needs is another problem. But the Fae have other plans.

A mysterious woman shows up in his stables, sent by Faerie Magic to find her true love. Fighting his attraction, Caden insists she’s meant for one of his brothers. With his history, he has no desire for a woman in his life—especially a woman sent by the Fae.

Only the magic of the Fae can determine whether Ellie will find a Highlander of her own...

Vonda: Sounds awesome! What inspired you to write this story?

Melissa: After 'meeting' Caden in Soul of a Highlander, I wanted him to have his very own Happy Ever After. I also wanted to begin to address some of those women everyone was worried about at the end of Soul... the ones who'd suddenly, without any prior warning, found themselves with strange powers and the Mark of the Royal House of Fae.

Caden and Ellie's story sprang from there!

Vonda: What is your favorite thing about this story?

Melissa: I love the heroine in this story, Ellie Denton! She really spoke to me as I was writing the book. Oh...and the dogs! Their personalities are loosely modeled after my own dogs, so, they were fun to write, too.

Vonda: How cool! I love animals in stories. Can you point us toward an excerpt?

Melissa: The excerpt is actually from Chapter two - it's where the reader first meets Ellie and gets a glimpse into all her problems.


Vonda: Fantastic excerpt, Melissa! Everyone, please go check out this scene. I can't wait to read this book. I found Ellie incredibly likable and I really want her to find true love and solve her problems. Thank you for being here with us today and sharing your wonderful story!


Renee Knowles said...


What a fabulous excerpt! I'm so excited about this book. The whole series is wonderful and this one sounds just as fun and sexy.

It's on my list to get this week!


Pat McDermott said...

Ellie sounds like a feisty heroine. Your excerpt really pulled me in, Melissa. Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your new release!

L.L. Muir said...

I just ran out and got it at lunch. The cover is divine as I know the story inside will be. Everyone make sure you ask for it in case they are hiding it somewhere in the bookstores. I can't believe we'll have to wait a whole year for another!
Thanks for the fix, Melissa!
Ainsley MacQueen

Martha Eskuchen said...

This book sounds so good and I am planning on starting with #1 in the series! Thanks for sharing.

Julie Robinson said...

Hi Melissa,

Congratulations on this 4th Highlander book! I loved the 1st three and am so glad Caden is getting his chance at love. This cover is just as gorgeous as the other three.
Martha, you should start with #1. Though each can stand on its own, I found it fun to see the references back to the first characters. It's as if I were saying, "I know him/her!"


Melissa Mayhue said...

Thanks, everyone for the lovely comments and for taking time to stop by today!

I totally agree with Julie about the reading order. Each book does stand on it's, technically, you can read any one of them and get a whole story. But, in another sense, they do all build one upon the other in that characters pop up from time to time and I do think it's fun to see someone you recognize! :-)

~ Melissa