Scarlet and the Sheriff by Carly Carson

Today I've invited fellow Red Sage author Carly Carson to tell us about her first published book Scarlet and the Sheriff.

Nicole North: Welcome, Carly! I'm so glad you're here with us! Please tell us about yourself.

Carly Carson: Like most writers, I’ve always wanted to write. I have an MBA in Finance, which may not be the most expected detour along the way, but it helped to pay the rent. Now, my husband travels the globe while I take care of our three perfect, well-behaved…uh, hellions…(they are lovable!) and sit at my computer. He cannot fathom how I can spend all day in the house, lol, but he is a fabulous cheerleader.

Nicole: Please tell us about your latest release, Scarlet and the Sheriff. (By the way, what a beautiful cover!!)

Fleeing a cheating fiancĂ©, Scarlet breaks down on the Fourth of July in a sultry Southern town where the Sheriff is even hotter than the firecrackers. With no car and no money, she finds teasing the Sheriff a fun way to pass the time. Unfortunately, the Sheriff holds all the cards when he receives the warrants for her arrest issued by her vengeful ex. Now Scarlet has to dance to his tune – and the only song he wants to sing is about hot sex.

Nicole: Oooh sounds hot!!! Is this your first book? Can you tell us how this sale came about?

Carly: This is my first finished book and was sold as a result of my first query. Sounds easy? Not. I spent years studying the craft and writing stories, etc. until I felt I had something worth submitting. And still, the sale was an exciting surprise.

Nicole: Absolutely! What was your favorite element in this story?

Carly: Definitely the heroine – her ability to bounce back after every setback - and her naughty sexuality.

Nicole: And which element did you find most difficult?

Carly: The ending is always hard for me because I don’t want to leave my characters – and this is probably why I have a long novella.

Nicole: I know what you mean. Leaving those characters is hard. Do you have any advice for unpublished authors?

Carly: Study the craft of writing and then practice your writing with a purpose. Practice everything you learn. It’s not just telling a story, but crafting a story.
Nicole: So true! What’s next for you?

Carly: I’ve almost finished a full-length novel which I intend to submit to agents and I have a futuristic under consideration with Red Sage.
Nicole: I wish you the best of luck with those projects! Would you like to ask blog readers a question?

Carly: What is your favorite type of hero? Historical (Regency, Highlander, American Western)? Contemporary (Military/cop, Tycoon, Family man)? Otherworldly (Vampire, Wizard, Elves)?

Nicole: Excellent question! To learn more about Carly's book, to read a sexy excerpt or buy a copy: Scarlet and the Sheriff


Mia Varano said...

Carly, congrats on your sale to Red Sage. Your story sounds hot and sexy. My favorite type of hero? You nailed him (sort of) - cops, FBI, CIA, covert ops

Dara Edmondson said...

Way to go on the sale - your first query? Amazing!
My favorite hero is flawed in some way - has a weakness only the heroine can cure;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mia. Guess I better go grab one of your stories!

Dara, nothing like being the woman to complete a yummy hero, huh?