Let's Talk about Tension

Happy Fall, everyone!

My favorite season is over, but I'm looking forward to a lot of cooler weather activities. After all, summer isn't the only season when love is in the air.

Last week I posed a question as to the type of excerpt that would most whet a reader's appetite. Carol and Vonda accurately guessed my selection for my upcoming novel, TORMENTED. That particular excerpt will debut along with TORMENTED on October 8.

Sexual tension is the element that keeps fictional and a real-life romances alive. Coaxes the flame higher on a love match. Provides a pivot of sorts for a couple and their passion.

Today it's my pleasure sharing an excerpt from another of my erotic romances, ANDANTE. Mara and her Italian lover/tutor, Armand, immerse themselves in a world where romance, music and fine food are abundant.

ANDANTE from Torrid Teasers Volume 24

Armand lifted the breakfast tray from her lap. She plucked the final gooey bit of his Venetian version of French toast from the olive-green plate and popped it into her mouth. A linen napkin absorbed the excess syrup from her fingers.

“No one has ever made me breakfast in bed.” Another deep breath brought the warming aroma of cinnamon sugar.

“I promise to deliver you the same at least once a week when we’re married.” He set the tray on the mahogany dresser’s lacy doily and lay down on the bed.

She and several decorator pillows bounced at his impact. “And lots of kisses with my first shot of morning espresso?”

“More than you can ever count.”

“But your homeland means so much to you.”

“For the joy and blessing of becoming your husband, I’ll leave it all behind and move to New York.” He yanked the sage-green ribbon free and removed one of the flowers from the white tissue paper bundle beside her on the bed. “Catch them.” Armand straddled her and rained rose petals from her face to her belly.

Before the last one met with her cheek, she pinched it between her fingers. “What a beautiful way to spend our morning.”

“But you still haven’t proven you can play our duet andante.”

No matter how hard he tried, his smile broke through the frown’s facade.

She closed her eyes and blotted out the golden glow of the suite’s chandelier. A few more petals floated onto her eyelids and whispered on settling. Hot breath swirled across her left cheek, and the pillow shifted underneath her head. The petal over her left eye lifted and she peeked.

The same ruby petal now lay plastered against his lips, and he appeared as jovial as Pagliacchi. He puffed and sent the velvety petal aloft. When it landed over her left nipple, his reflexes proved superior. His teeth snagged the delicate and fragrant floral sheath, and it disappeared into his mouth. Hot lashes of his tongue came where the petal had rested.

I'll leave the rest of this erotic encounter to your imagination.

Always remember --

Live each day to the fullest
Laugh often
Open your heart and mind to love's and its possibilities
Kiss your special someone until you are breathless
Dare to dream and make your dreams become reality

Wishing you all many happy reading moments,

Shawna Moore
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Nicole North said...

Wow, beautiful excerpt, Shawna!! Thanks for sharing! And congratulations on your upcoming release!

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Nicole!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the excerpt :) Thanks for celebrating Tormented's upcoming release with me :)

Happy week wishes,