Creating a Cover

I got some good news this week from my publisher, Red Sage. I sold another e-book titled, The Gee Spot. Here's the blurb:

What happens when a former high school geek crosses paths with the prom queen? Plenty when the geek is now a gorgeous billionaire and the prom queen owns a sex toy company, The Gee Spot. But the prom queen has trouble with her own G spot and the geek exploits her problem—and her—to exact a satisfying revenge...for both of them.

I'm not sure yet when The Gee Spot will be available, probably some time in the middle of '09, but I already received the cover information sheet. This is my opportunity to give some input into the cover of my book. I've been very lucky with the covers of my two other e-books for Red Sage, Sex and the Single Pearl and Aphrodite's Fire. In fact, all of the covers for the Red Sage Presents e-books have been fabulous, and if you need any proof check them out at

As I went through the cover information sheet, I had to think about what I like and don't like in an erotic romance cover. I definitely like a muscular, bare, male chest or back, and I'd rather have a faceless hero on the cover so I can conjure up my own features for this fantasy man. However, the cover for Sex and the Single Pearl more prominently features a woman than the two men, and I think this cover is sensual and evocative and perfect for the story. I think it also stands out among other erotic romance covers.

I've seen some pretty sexy covers for erotic romance, but so far nothing that's over the edge - at least not for me. I don't prefer unrealistic, cartoon characters on covers, and I do like an artistic touch.

I'm not very artistic myself, so I'm always excited to get my covers for the first time and see how the cover artist has interpreted my words and suggestions. Like many un-artistic people, I can't create art, but I know what I like. For The Gee Spot cover, I have a strong image of a man in formal clothes, but half-undressed - bowtie undone, white shirt open at the chest, sleeves folded back - sort of like James Bond grabbing a quickie before he shoots the bad guy. I'll have to wait and see how strongly I conveyed that preference.

So what kinds of covers do you prefer for your erotic romance? The hotter the better or sensual romanticism? Limbs splayed on a bed or silk sheets falling from a shoulder?


Lexi said...

Congratulations on another sale, Mia! Make sure to celebrate. And I believe they'll do a wonderful job with your cover. They've done great work so far!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

super on the sale and great on the cover! :) Don't you just love them??

Nicole North said...

Congratulations on the sale, Mia!!! I agree, your covers and all the Red Sage covers have been fantastic!! I also like a bare muscular male torso, front or back on a cover. Yum! Hot, sexy, but artistic and beautiful.