Sinfully Sexy Saturday Ahead of Incoming Ike

I just finished Deadly Liaisons edits for the new vampire romantic suspense and am in the middle of finishing up The Accidental Highland Hero in a couple of weeks. This guy could be James when he's out of his kilt and taking a dip in the loch. And then it's off to another werewolf adventure.

Hoping Ike won't hit us too bad. The winds have already picked up considerably this morning. Torrential downpours are expected. And I expect that we'll lose our satellite, maybe our electricity as any little storm can do it.

I'm off to work in a little bit. Hope that won't be a disaster. Grocery stores were crowded and the gas pump lines were insane last night. People were stocking up on bottled water--we've made additional ice to help keep our food referigerated. Hopefully, it won't be anything like what Houston has experienced.

Hope everyone has a Sexy Saturday and stays safe in the path of the storm!

Terry Spear
Heart of the Wolf, Don't Cry Wolf, The Vampire...In My Dreams, Winning the Highlander's Heart


Lexi said...

Take care, Terry! I've got a brother & his wife in Houston that HAD to stay there for their work. We've got in-laws that evacuated to central Texas and some that stayed in Beaumont to "ride it out." Yeah, we're pretty sure they'll be joining us more inland soon.

Vonda Sinclair said...

I hope Ike wasn't too hard on you Terry. Good luck with finishing your stories!!