I've Been Shipwrecked!

Hmm, I feel I've been in a shipwreck and I'm trying to find what's left of the pieces. :)

I've moved, closed on the house, have a library talk to give this morning, and can't find anything. :)

But otherwise, it's a great Saturday! I woke at 4 am, couldn't sleep and so have been working again on Allure of the Wolf edits. Should be done soon, hopefully this weekend. Just got word that Betrayal of the Wolf is going into edits...AND, it will be a FALL release after Don't Cry Wolf's spring release in 2009!!! Woohoo, no waiting 11 months from one book to the next. So I'm really excited about that.

Allure of the Wolf should be a Spring 2010 release, and have to get to work on the next couple of books. I'm working on Deadly Liaisons edits also--a great vampire romantic suspense, and have to finish The Accidental Highland Hero.

What's really great about writing, is the wonderful fan mail we receive from time to time. I got a letter from a lady who has an incurable illness and is stuck at home, and has read Winning the Highlander's Heart three times, plus bought copies for her friends. It's letters like these that make me love writing so much, despite all the trials in getting the works published. And another, from a thirteen year old girl who loved The Vampire...In My Dreams, couldn't put it down, and is dying for a sequel. Then I had a note from a lady who watched the book trailer for The Vampire...In My Dreams and loved it. This, after I found someone had given it a one star rating.

With all my heart, I thank my readers, for encouraging me to continue sharing my stories.

Right now, I'm off to search for the magazines I have stories in to use in my talk today....if I can find them in the shipwreck. :) Will anyone be at the talk? I envision seven people...the other authors who are speaking, the librarian, and my mother. :) The good thing is we have chocolate kisses to hand out. Chocolate is always a good thing to help cope with adversity.

What do you do to cope when you've been shipwrecked in life???


Lexi said...

Terry, the publishing schedule for your books sounds great! And the fan mail, wow. That makes it all worth it, huh? I hope lots of people come to hear all of you!

Elen Grey said...

Eat Miss Vickie's, thereby diverting my attention to the size of my butt. Caution: This is not recommended by the Canadian Heart Association.

Congrats on the move and the books. Much cheer.

Vonda Sinclair said...

You are just too TOO busy, Terry! What fantastic fan mail though!!! Congrats on having so many books out! You go!!