Workshop: The Castles of England & France

Celtic Hearts Romance Writers Academy is proud to announce an upcoming online workshop for April.

Workshop Title: The Castles of England & France 1100 - 1500

Presenter: Sharron Gunn

Date: April 3 - May 13

Description: Castles! Romantic? Yes! Shrouded in mystery? Yes, but this course will help you lift the veil a bit and take a peek at medieval life. Castles still dominate the landscape of England and France from the magnificent ruins of Chinon to the more humble Hever Castle. The number of people in a medieval household varied from about a 100 to over 500 for the monarch. The kings and the most powerful nobles had several residences and moved through the medieval countryside from one to the other to eat up their food rents and impress all with their wealth and power. Castles were centres of government and justice, but also the good life. Learn about their evolution and the people who lived in them; learn how knights, originally not free or noble, improved their status until knighthood became the epitome of chivalry. Enrich your writing with detailed descriptions of castles and biographies of the Middle Ages.

Discussion and questions are encouraged, and there will be handouts and assignments.

Course Outline:


1. Kings and Magnates

2. Queens and Ladies

3. Knights

4. Daily Life: Hunts, Tournaments, Feasts & War

5. Daily Life: Servers, Attendants & Artisans

The Castles:

6. The Norman Tradition: The Motte and Bailey

7. The Great Age of Castles - 13th & 14th centuries

8. Tower Houses & Fortified Manors

9. Castles in a Changing World: Gunpowder

10. Palaces

About the Presenter:

Sharron Gunn lives in British Columbia, and teaches Gaelic as a non-credit university course, and French in high school. Of Scottish, French and Irish origin, she was born on the east coast of Canada where there are many people of the same background. Some knowledge of the Gaelic and French languages and cultures was inevitable.

While living over eight years in Europe, she studied the languages and history of Great Britain and France. She has a diplĂ´me from the University of Nancy, France, a B.A. in French and a masters degree (2nd first degree) in Scottish History and Celtic Studies from the University of Glasgow. She has just finished her first novel, an historical fantasy set in Scotland.

Deadline to register: March 31

Fee: $10 CHRW members; $15 non-members. RWA Membership isn't required; anyone can take our courses. Celtic Hearts members receive 2 free workshops a year.

Where to sign up:
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Thank you for considering our workshops!!
Vonda Sinclair
VP & Education Coordinator

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