Calista Fox has a "Midnight Rendezvous"

Nicole: We love featuring Calista Fox here at Fierce Romance because she's fierce, but also a sweetheart! Welcome, Calista!! Please tell us about your story "Midnight Rendezvous" in Secrets Volume 22 Dark Whispers, out now!

Calista: Midnight Rendezvous is the second story in the Rendezvous trilogy (Intimate Rendezvous is the first, and it’s in Secrets Volume 17). Midnight is a whirlwind romance! I came up with the idea because I travel so much and I thought about how difficult it would be to date seriously when you’re flitting about from country to country. Then I realized how exotic it would be to meet your lover in whatever beautiful city you happened to be in that week. But I also peppered in a suspense plot—I just couldn’t help myself! This story is particularly special to me because the heroine, Cat, has lost a mentor to cardio vascular disease and it deeply affects her. That’s a personal experience I wove into the story. I also consulted with a very close friend who’s a pulmonologist. He was also close to my mentor who passed away, and he answered all of my questions about CVD (so any inconsistencies or inaccuracies are strictly my fault!). It is a very serious disease and I wanted to make a point about that in the story. Be good to your hearts, ladies!

Nicole: How wonderful to weave such an important and meaningful issue into your story. Who was your favorite character in this story and why?

Calista: That’s tough! I love Cat because she’s quirky and free-spirited. I also like David (the hero) because he’s grounded and steady. But one of my favorite characters from the trilogy is McCarthy Portman, Rendezvous’ dating guru. She gets her own story in Secrets Volume 26! It’s titled Secret Rendezvous. And if you like bad boys, you will LOVE my hero, Josh Kensington!

Nicole: I do definitely love bad boys!! ;-) Please tell us about your other published works.

Calista: I started writing fiction for publication in 2004 and sold my first story to Red Sage (In the Heat of the Night in Secrets Volume 13). I’m in volumes 13, 17, 22, 23 and 26—which haven’t all been released yet. I’ve also got another ebook out now from eRedsage titled High Voltage. It’s an electrically charged paranormal! My biggest news is that I will have the next single title release by Red Sage (Angela Knight had the first, of course!) My novel is titled Object of Desire and it’s a very high-adventure, erotic paranormal romance. Sort of a Lara Croft meets Mission Impossible story! I had the absolute best time writing it and I can’t wait to start promoting it!

Aside from Red Sage, I write for Ellora’s Cave—my first stories will be out in 2008—and I’m also working on several novels. In addition, I write as Ava McKnight. That keeps me busy! I’ve won a Reviewer’s Choice award and have recently contracted my 25th book (mostly novellas), so I’ve got stories slated for release well into 2009.

Nicole: Wow, Calista, that's a lot of books! And congratulations on the Red Sage single title! What's next for you?

Calista: That changes every other day! I have a new single-title anthology I’m working on, which consists of four volumes. I’m also writing a political paranormal thriller and two contemporary erotic romance novels. I generally have 10-12 works in progress at one time, but when I looked last, I was up to 19! I have a very short attention span, so working on a bunch of projects at once keeps my mind from wandering. I also travel a great deal and I’ve always got my laptop in tow, so ideas spring to mind several times a day. I hope to just keep learning the craft and getting better at it!

I have two contests on my website right now. Please stop by and enter! Good luck!
Nicole: Wow, 19 projects at once?? I can't imagine doing that. Wish I could! Thanks for visiting with us again, Calista! Come back soon and tell us about more of your stories! :-)


Shannon Robinson said...

Great interview ladies! And congratulations on writing so many books Calista - that's amazing!! I'm an avid Secrets fan and can't wait for the next new releases!
Shannon Robinson

Calista Fox, Author said...

Thanks, Shannon!! And thanks to the Fierce Romance ladies for having me here again. Nicole always keeps the questions fresh. Hope you all have a great weekend!

P.S.--High Voltage is a giveaway at The Romance Studio ( on April 5! Sign up--I'd love for it to go to a Red Sage and Fierce Romance fan!

Pat McDermott said...

You sound like a busy lady, Calista. Good luck with your writing! I'm looking forward to escaping with some of those adventures you described!

Mia Varano said...

Calista, you're a goddess! You must have a million ideas percolating in your head. Thanks for the interview.