Sexy Paranormals

What makes paranormals so intriguing? Is it that some seem to really have paranormal abilities? Ever watch the shows where real psychics assist cops in finding the murderers, or discover the location of missing persons? Or hauntings, where no matter how much ghost busters try to debunk the ghostly goings ons, they can’t?

For the next few weeks, those of us at Wickedly Romantic, all paranormal Sourcebooks Casablanca authors, will be discussing paranormals from movies to real-life paranormal experiences.

And yes! I’ve had my own real honest-to-goodness ghostly experience in the Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, Texas while bivouacking with my fellow Army ROTC cadets years ago. I’ll talk more about that in our second week on paranormal happenings.

This coming week, we’ll talk about paranormal movies, what fascinates us about them, why they’re our favorites, and why we seek them out. Please join us and let us know what yours are too!

But what makes paranormals sexy? Real life can be the same-o—same-o. But fantasy takes us into something really different. We meet characters who are larger than life, semi-immortals, immortals, shapeshifters, witches, vampires, demons, angels, selkies, the fae, werewolves, the list goes on and on. And in most cases, the fantasy character is sexier than real life, different than the norm, not someone we’d meet in our usual wanderings. Urban fantasy or traditional fantasy draws us into a world away from the drudgery of our every day immortal lives.

So what’s not sexy about a semi-immortal who has enhanced abilities, who’s protective and caring about the woman he targets for his own, and wants her for always? Sure, there can be drawbacks, just like in any relationship, but give me a seductive hunk who’s got some, uhm, unique traits, and I’m hooked.

What are your favorite paranormal kinds of characters?

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Nicole North said...

I love a hero with unusual powers or abilities! It adds another interesting, sexy, larger-than-life dimension to him. Heroines too. Anything that takes us out of our ordinary, regular world, like you said, is an opportunity to provide more "escape" for the reader. I love reading and writing shape-shifters, immortals, etc. Who wouldn't enjoy shifting into a hawk and flying above the trees? Or shifting into a wolf and running through the woods? What fun!

ShawnaMoore said...

Oh, I love reading sexy paranormals, Terry! Great topic. There is a heightened sense of eroticism in those otherworlds that draws me as a reader and writer. The historical erotic romance novel I recently sold to Ellora's Cave features a vamp hero and his superior mental and biological powers propel the story and the passion.

Hope you have a great Easter!