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Hmm, from sexy shapeshifters, to guys who definitely need a good soak in a hot tub to remove the dirt and uncover those hunky muscles in 10,000 BC, there's nothing like an alpha male to stir up a girl's heart.

So what do you like? The hero who is all confident, secure, alpha through and through, or a little bit beta--with definite reservations about his hero qualities--like our reluctant hero in 10,000 BC.

Well, Devlyn Greystoke in Heart of the Wolf is not a reluctant hero, quite the contrary, but he does have issues with his ability to best the devil alpha pack leader! But to win Bella Wilder's love, he'll have to fight to the death. And what's not to like about a hero like that?

So what can the "early man" hero do but rescue his blue-eyed goddess against insurmountable odds in 10,000 BC? Love will conquer all, right? At least we hope so!

Terry Spear, Heart of the Wolf (Coming April 1!), Don't Cry Wolf,

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