Consumer Choices

If ‘tweren’t one thing it’s another! Have you ever sold merchandise? If so, you probably have been faced with the following dilemma—does it come in a different color? Different style? Different whatever? Why can’t customers just be happy and buy what’s readily available?

My parents used to make doll carriages for doll collectors. They often found this to be true. But don’t you have….? What about…? I’ve found the same with my teddy bears. Even to the point of…but I don’t like that color ribbon! Easily remedied! :) I like easy solutions!

So recently I’ve been receiving fan mail for my books~~~I want “The Vampire…In My Dreams,” but in print copy. It’s coming August 26, 2008…woohoo!!! I can’t wait. But I wish it was out in print already as many requests as I’ve had for it. Not to mention having it in my hot little hands will be the ultimate thrill.

Then I’ve received requests for “Winning the Highlander’s Heart” in ebook format. It was on Fictionwise for a short while, but my publisher removed our books from the listings. Argh. So now, it’s print only. Now I’m getting requests for “Heart of the Wolf” as an ebook. It’s print only.


Having choices is wonderful! Truly! I think it’s great that we can have ebooks to read if we want, but if we choose to read the books in print, we can have those instead. I think it’s super to have the choice.

But when is too much choice….too much? I remember reading a comment from a marketer who said if you give customers too much of a choice, they can’t make a decision. :) Look at the early Ford cars—all black, no choice…easy choice. Sometimes when I go to the grocery store, I wish we had less to choose from---there must be sixty brands of spaghetti noodles, alone!

Do I wish my books were in all formats? You bet. I love to accommodate...unfortunately, it’s not always up to me!

Terry Spear, The Vampire…In My Dreams (ebook now, print book, August 26, 2008), Heart of the Wolf (print book, April 1, 2008), Winning the Highlander’s Heart (print book available now)


Vonda Sinclair said...

Super post, Terry!! I love having a big selection in the grocery store or any store. Maybe because I'm picky. LOL There are a million kinds of cereal but I have my favorites. Some stores don't carry what I want and I have to settle for 2nd choice. When I used to schedule appts. for a Dr. he said give the patient two choices as to time of next appt. even if the whole day is open. He said it helps them decide. True. So I guess it depends on the situation whether more or fewer choices are available.

Congratulations on the upcoming releases of your print books!!

ShawnaMoore said...

Hi, Terry!

I love choices but don't enjoy being overly bombarded. Give me enough options I can browse to my heart's content but not so long that it takes eons to decide :) Time is precious. Sometimes I prefer simplicity. What amazes me is technology--as soon as you buy one format or style it reaches obsolescence or is discontinued six months later LOL

Happy weekend wishes,


Randy said...

EEEEK...I don't know how you keep it all straight!

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

I like to have some choice also. I remember listening to a comedian talk about how his wife asked him to pick up "pads" for his teen daughter at the grocery store. Easy, he thought. Until he found out how many kinds they had, small, wide, thin, flat, super aborbant, panty liners, scented, unscented...he said it was a nightmare!!!!