Inspiration For Writers

Writers are a different breed. We hear voices in our head. We play God with people’s lives on paper. We don’t look at things as they are, rather, we look at things and say, ‘What if…?’

But sometimes, even awesome writers like us get bitten by the self-doubt bug. It’s nasty. And dark. And one of its insidious symptoms is usually writer’s block.

Having just recovered from a recent severe bout of this awful affliction, I offer up some words of wisdom for writers, courtesy of these coffee mugs my long-suffering husband bought to cheer me up.

For really bad days:

Turns out I'm a genius!  But then for the days I actually think I'm a genius and everything will be okay:

So writing is a real roller coaster, as we all know. And just when we think we're going to go crazy, there's this sensible advice...

Sometimes hubby doesn’t understand my temperamental muse at all. But when he does something insanely wonderful like this, I’m tempted to give him a lifetime pass!

How about you? Does your significant other support you in your writing efforts? Or is he/she completely clueless about how difficult the creative process can be? Tell me!



Natasha Moore said...

Love the mugs! I'm so lucky, my hubby supports me 100%. He may not understand the creative process, but he humors me. And he tells everyone he's my inspiration :)

Carly Carson said...

My husband supports me 100%. But he has a fatal flaw He interrupts constantly. He thinks if it's a small interruption, it doesn't count. Coming into the room and saying, "Would you like to leave for the moon right now?" would be an interruption. Coming in to announce, "The mail just arrived," is not an interruption. It's an important update that I'm sure to be interested in.