Fun with Daughter and SIL

 My daughter and I went to Woodland Mall to sign at the Barnes and Noble there. So these are all signed at Woodland Mall in Texas. :)
 It was 95, but the temp had dropped a bit, so we risked taking the dogs for a walk. Hers are corgis, mine, Havanese puppies. We found they did better if they all walked together, rather than me walking mine behind. I took pictures. You can see the storms in the background.
 Here, the leashes were so tangled, I told Jenn she could probably just drop them and walk with the dogs. And so she did. They walked with her and when she jogged, they jogged with her. But here is a picture of her dogs looking at her, and mine looking at me. Mine kept looking backward to make sure I was still there. We're going to the new Jurassic Park movie this weekend.
Hope your weekend is as fun-filled!

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